Friday, September 17, 2010

Too Much of a Weirdo for Christians, Too Much of a Christian for Weirdos

First and foremost, many find Christianity dull, or restricting. I'm sure there are many other ways to describe it. I myself had issues while attending Catholic, Lutheran and Presbyterian denominations. It didn't feel like God was there, and in fact I relied on the service for my scripture and considered that as my way to be in relation with God. I'm not saying that God doesn't use those routes, it just wasn't for me. That's why I go to a non-denominational church now. We follow the Bible, not denominational doctrine.

The mainstream church wasn't equipped to deal with me, and where I had been. There are things that the mainstream church doesn't want to answer. That's where I come in. My purpose is try and address things that the mainstream church doesn't want to answer, or can't answer. Even my current pastor, I love him, but he is unaware of most of this stuff, so somebody's got to have the answers. I don't have them all, but my job is to try to help you find those answers in the Bible. Christian or not, please consider that the Bible can answer just about any question you have.

Qi Gong. CHECK. UFO's. CHECK. Other weird stuff. CHECK.

Please see some topics below.

This is a statement of what I believe. Please read further though, I am not your average Christian.

1Cr 15:3 KJV - For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

1Cr 15:4 KJV - And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

1Cr 15:5 KJV - And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve:

1Cr 15:6 KJV - After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep.

1Cr 15:7 KJV - After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles.

1Cr 15:8 KJV - And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.

I believe also (and I'm sorry, I can't recall the exact scriptures) that Jesus Christ is God's only Son, and that He incarnated in a human body. Died for our sins, and rose from the dead on the third day. That He now sits at God's right hand, that He will judge the living and the dead, and that His return is soon (but as yet unknowable by humanity). I also believe (and have read this in my study Bible) and heard it on Chuck Missler's program that God isn't going to judge you for your sins, rather He's going to judge you and I based on whether we accept God's solution to deal with our sin. That is, do we accept that Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins with His death on the cross? Do we believe that and identify with His death and resurrection?

Here's a scenario:

So when you and I stand before God to be judged, how will we answer the question: "You know I hate sin, and must judge and punish any evil, did you accept my free gift to you to have that sin forgiven?"

My answer is yes. What will you say?


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Original Post:

I will be posting my testimony about my walk with Christ relatively soon. That will be a good fondation for everything that follows.

Long story short, I grew up with Christian and New Age influences more or less simultaneously and had a number of other issues. I became a Christian and then really kind of went through the American Christian experience, aka Churchianity. I was probably also a borderline dominionist without knowing it. But, I kind of felt it was empty, and started going through a "search other religions" phase. I wavered in my faith, thought maybe the other religions could bring me closer to God and I also ended up wondering if God was an alien.

I asked God to show me what the truth was, and I got into some Christian podcasts that really said "wait a second, God doesn't work that way. I've been wrong for almost all of my Christian life!" First it was Future Quake, then Russ Dizdar's Shatter the Darkness. From there, I read my Bible like it was going out of style (it is in some circles) and I was restored to my Christian faith stronger than I was before. That strength of course comes from the Lord working in my life through His Holy Spirit.

I guess what motivated this blog was that I had written 2 articles for my local Christian publication. The articles I wrote aren't terribly great, they are short and really could do alot more for God's kingdom, but somehow they're just average. Maybe they're very Churchianity. This feeling made me think that perhaps the things I am and was interested, and was into, might not be good things to write about for mainstream Christian publications. The other reason is that Chris White of Revelations Radio was looking for blogs, and I am hoping to one day become part of that prestigious (in my eyes) ministry. (revision 4/2011, I haven't heard much about that blogs aspect of the ministry, BUT the Lord has allowed me to connect with some related and great blog ministries. Lookup Fellowship, New Age Deception, Awake in Babylon)

So, please feel free to leave comments, and ask questions that you are afraid to ask in Church, or have been asked not to ask in Church. I don't know everything, but it will be fun trying to figure this out together. Please be respectful, and appropriate and if you would like to refute anything I say, please cite your sources well. I will do my best to cite mine. Preferably, if the Bible can refute me, please cite chapter text and verse. My goal is to be in line with God's word, so if I stray from it, please correct me.

I hope and pray that the Lord will use this blog for His glory and if it is from Him, it will succeed, and if it's not it'll fizzle out.

I am planning to write about a recent conversation I had with a brother from the Church I used to go to. We tend to disagree on alot. He doesn't put much stock in demonic and spiritual things and perhaps, maybe I put too much. This talk consisted of a Qigong class being held at that church. He raised some good points, and of course, I believe I did too.


  1. When I turned on the computer I saw on the Yahoo news about "How to think your way happy" was the article. I clicked and scrolled down and saw they are telling people to do qigong (sp). I put that in my browser and read a little of what wikipedia had to say then i went back, scrolled down and just clicked and now here I am...Sorry to bore you but this is awesome to read...never stop!! :) Ive been studying and reading the BIBILE and using study guides along with the every day stuff. You put confirmation to stuff (not in the BIBLE) that I've read before and how it all relates to the Word of GOD...If that makes sense.

  2. Yo Shonda!

    Thanks for the feedback. I really am glad to hear what I've written has touched you. Give thanks to God, as He's the one who led you there, and gave me what to write. The qigong one is a pretty popular article, especially since its being done in churches! Wow. Doctrines of demons indeed.

    So, yeah, u make sense. I guess I just do my best to show that just about anything can be explained from the Bible. Satan doesn't have any new tricks, but he does have new packaging. Once you rip that off, and look at it with the Word of God, you can see what it really is. The Holy Spirit can show us what we're blind to if we just ask God to show us the truth.

    I hope that's what I'm doing in some smalle way. As dr. Future says. "Let me not be a stumbling block, but rather a stepping stone to Jesus." So if this can set folks right, I did my job.

    Take care!

  3. Love this blog as I feel like an outsider in Church. Reading books in the Bible that others don't and asking questions makes them uncomfortable.

    What is the best way to ask questions on your blog. I am currently studying the OT, Book of Enoch, and trying to figure out the Watchers/ fallen angels. It's been an eye opener and finally put a conviction of YHWH/Yahushua is Lord period. No more playing around with stuff He says is bad, although temptation plagues me. And more conviction on what my role is.

    So my current question is, the Watchers had knowledge they either held and were not supposed to share, or they were supposed to share just not mix the bloodline. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Thanks!

      Again, don't put too much stock in Enoch, apparently there are contradictions I'm not fully aware of.

      As far as your question, I don't really know. For sure what we can glean from the Bible is that there were angels that sinned (gen 6, Jude, 2 peter) and that many (if not all) of these were imprisoned. We're not told what exactly went down. Many of the best guesses are based on Enoch, but we don't really know for sure what happened.

      Whatever it was, it seemed to involve mating, (gen 6) which is bad enough.

    2. Thanks for all your answers. It is nice to be "talking to someone " who at least understands the questions.
      I do disagree though about Enoch. Although many of the peripheral books have obvious falsities, I read the entire OT including every repeat of the Law in the Books. I also read Enoch. I saw no contradictions. In addition it is referenced by the Bible and was used by the Early Christian leaders.
      I have been reading the entire Bible to a child at their request from the start. And without Enoch, it was hard to explain why YHWH wanted even the animals killed.
      It also made the ancient myths and other religions fall in line. I spoke to a man who is from what we call the Hopi tribe, that is not their term. Fallen angels made sense.
      Much to much to detail here.
      It is also relevant today. It's about mixing genes as a sin. That is mentioned in the Bible. Mules are not pleasing to YHWH.
      Let alone Monsanto genetically modified genes, clones, vaccines in development to alter our DNA and improve it, chimeras like the chimps just made from 6 animals, and I could go on. The issues of Noah's day are here now.
      The "angry God" people see in the OT makes more sense. And the seriousness of sin with the loss of a relationship from YHWH hit home at least for me. People are again elevating the wrong things as God or feeling like God because they can manilpulate life.

      The Love in the Bible makes more sense.
      Thankfully we are now in the NT. so easier going.

    3. Forgot to mention. There are now 30 genetically modified humans. From the US. My source is He is a doctor and Christian. While You may not agree fully with him, he is looking at technology/ medicine with a Biblical view.

      They are now in their teens. Companies patent gene sequences they create or discover. They can own your DNA. Think of the implications fr them marrying as these modified genes will be passed on indefinitely. But owned by their "designer"
      It already as occurred. People allowed research on ther DNA and it was patented by the researcher. They were not allowed to participate in any other testing by other researchers.
      In the fine print when you ave blood drawn, or tissue removed for surgery. Read the fine print. You by default donate your blood/ tissue for genetic research unless you sign that you refuse.

      This is disturbing on a deep moral/ spiritual level

    4. Whoa. All of that is scary!

      Though if there are indeed "hybrids" about, I'll trust the Lord to deal with it as He has in the past.

    5. No prob on questions, I have few to discuss them with.

      Enoch, imup in the airabout, I guess it warant further study.

      I do agree any genetic tampering is sin, absolutely.

  4. Why do you think you are weird?
    The "regular Christians" are weird, they act like their sins are washed away due to merely getting "that feeling" which was induced by a trained professional's well-rehearsed soap-opera containing recursive out-of-context scripture quotes... I hope my words don't give anyone such tingles because it might turn your brain off so you just believe everything I say without any reason...

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