Sunday, December 26, 2010

Singing in the Reign: Reigning with Christ

Hey, just a quick check in here.

I wanted to share that there is some "coincidence" going on, otherwise known as God working and moving in my life.

So, I heard Chuck Missler on Future Quake a few months ago, and he was discussing his book "The Kingdom, Power and Glory" and he was bold enough to suggest that how we live our lives as Christians has eternal implications. In other words, how we live out our faith here determines our position in Christ's Kingdom. That may be controversial, but it is also pretty Biblical. Before this I had been reading Christ's words in the Bible and wondering "What does He mean by depart, I never knew you."

So, move forward a few months, I finally broke down and bought the book as a gift for my sisters in the hopes that they will be motivated to do more than sit around and watch TV all day. I read about half of it before it was time to give it away, and I was pretty blown away by what Chuck and his wife wrote about.

Oddly enough today at Church, the pastor preached that we will be reigning with Christ as the apostle Paul wrote I believe in Phillipians. It was incredibly interesting to see how God moves independently of each of us to bring forth things He wants us to learn about. I did let my pastor know about this, so we'll see what transpires from this.

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