Thursday, July 26, 2012

UFO at the 2012 Olympics

UPDATE 7-31-12

So, a UFO has appeared at the Olympics! Wow! But not so fast. There is overwhelming evidence that it was merely the Goodyear blimp. Here's some info debunking the Olympic UFO.

"Many peoples first impression after watching the video is if that UFO is possibly a blimp. So the question many have asked is, "Were any blimps flying over the stadium during the opening ceremonies?" And the answer is yes, indeed a blimp was operating during that time and in the same airspace as the object depicted in the previous video...

When looking at the video and still shots of the UFO, you can clearly see the similar patterns to that of the Goodyear blimp. As well, it is the same size. In addition, the previous photos provide night shots of the blimp which clearly match the UFO. If that's not enough, the following video link shows nearly the same scene as the UFO video. At 33 seconds into it, you'll see the blimp.


Now on top of all this, there is also witness testimony of which all say it was a blimp."


And the blimp prepped for Olympics duty.


Original post:

So, you're reading this because 1) a UFO has appeared at the London opening ceremony 2) you think one is going to appear 3) you subscribe via one method or another 4) your google-fu got you hear looking for something else

Well. First and foremost, if UFOs have appeared, ignore them, don't look or listen to anything being said about or by them. It's a lie. Read the articles below, and you will see what i mean.

This UFO invasion (or non-invasion if you read this after the Olympics and nothing happened) is actually a lie. Aliens are demonic entities as evidenced by the work of Joe Jordan at ce4research and by the testimony of Guy Malone, both of which are available online elsewhere. I also demonstrate that in the below articles.

In the meantime, call on Jesus Christ, repent of your sins, turn to Him accept Him. He loves you, died for your sins and rose from the dead as written BEFOREHAND in the Bible. By accepting and trusting in Him, you can be with Him and live through the end of the world, and the aliens will then be afraid of YOU.

UFOs 101

Betty Andreasson (multi-part series, January - February 2011 posts following this one)

If calling on Jesus Christ and acceptin Him as Lord and savior stops abductions, what happened to Betty Andreasson? Ah, she wasn't abducted, she went willingly, and she also did not use her authority in Christ.

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Here are a number of claims from the ancient aliens show, properly researched and debunked. If the claims made in ancient aliens are untrue, then what is true?

Because if the Bible is true (and it is) then the ancient astronaut theory must be false (and it is). Aliens didn't create us, the God of the Bible did, and He sent His Son Jesus to redeem us and cleanse us so we can be free from the evil inherent in humanity. If we accept Him.

The Bigfoot UFO connections

Sci-Fi priming us for the Great Deception


  1. People can really get too wagged out on UFO's conspiracies, Alex Jones and so on. Christianity is apparently very susceptible to all this but it would also be wrong to just dial it all out. As for the real source of "aliens" i do not know but as a Christian I feel like it is probably the host of fallen angels that abide somewhere below the surface of the earth or in and out of spiritual dimensions. I can atest to this from the experience of my father telling me he saw 5 little men come out of our large catch basin in the basement and go up through the floor. Now my father was a no mess around guy and when he told me this in his later years I was floored but that is part of the abduction experience I once had which is another story.
    Anyway,having said all that there is still the possiblity that these are remnants of some earlier civilization that dwelt on the earth. The Jews and some theologians believe that a civilization once dwelt on the earth perhaps under the rule of Lucifer so who knows. This knowledge is not literal but is derived out of scripture and I do not believe we have been given knowledge of everything that has ever occured on the earth so for me the door is open to "aliens being something possibly more than demons or fallen angels but i suspect from all the evidence that that is what they are.
    And I'am not opposed to the possiblity of life on other planets, in fact I believe it because when observing the universe considering the abundant nature of God I CHOOSE to believe God has a plan of life within most every galaxy but that is something we could not know even if we traveled 100 times the speed of light.

    As for flying saucers it is compelling but our technology provides little of nothing. Super advanced photographic techniques, cameras everwhere filming nearly everhting and no one can get a halfway crisp photo of a UFO. Lights that are portals to somewhere else maybe.

    The memes in sci-fi is also very interesting. I have often thought about the rash of aliens being cast as evil invaders setting the mind of people to have a xenophobic mentality toward anything from out there which of course should the days ahead morph into the last days the anything out there will be the returning Jesus.
    Xenophobia, rightwing mentality,facism, all these fall into what i believe will be the true nature of the "one world government" in those days in which a blindly following mass of people unable to think for themselves living in fear of the "enemy" will willingly follow evil into destruction. I really believe "The Left Behind series is off the mark. The history of man demonstrates this is the case and we as men have shown time and again we love to repeat history but then just one last time and i also think if anything we should be focused on a beast global emppire rather than an anti-christ dictator as such. I consider the idea that Christianity is being decieved with an anti-christ anti-christ diversion.

    1. Thanks for the comment Doug. I agree that some of us get too carried away with UFOs. I once was one of those, but now I'm like "oh, it's all pure deception. Great, well, back to my normal life." Though now I at least like to expose it when I feel led too.

      Your thoughts on alien life are interesting. I can't rule it out completely either, HOWEVER if there are real aliens out there, I think that God would have forbade them from interacting with us. Though I don't like the second book, CS Lewis' "Out of the Silent Planet" gives perhaps the most theologically sound argument for alien life, that is, Earth is under cosmic quarantine because of satan and sin. To keep sin from spreading, we're in solitary confinement. Just a thought though.

      I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fake antichrist, supplanted by the real antichrist at some point as well. After all, any one world gov't that comes about now, many will reject because we know how evil everyone is. The NWO will automatically be seen as an antichrist govt. Therefore, I would not doubt that satan gets rid of that, then is seen as a hero for getting rid of all those bad world leader. What better way to possibly deceive even the elect? That sounds like a great deception to me.

    2. I have though about the concept of a fake antichrist as well and believe it to be a very likely scenerio. My guess is that Achmedinijad (or other like him) would be the "fake" antichrist and the real one would be the Catholic pope. -hopeful_watcher

    3. Good theories.

      We can be absolutely sure only in the fact that we aren't absolutely sure who the AC is :)

  2. Actually I'am in no position to criticize the zeal of conspiracies and such with my own abduction experience but maybe I just need to legitimize it in my own mind by keeping it real on a few other things,ha.

    I have always thought that C.S. Lewis was real close with that argument because God must be in control of the universe and every project God began out there surely did not end up as ours and so it is logical that these areas would be "quarantined" until the evil is dealt with. Our solar system is essentially cordoned off. "No one may approach" This reality of man's fall and Satan's allowed deception is very interesting.

    I'am concerned that the whole anti-christ thing is an over exaggeration and misinterpretation of scripture meaning there may not actually be an anti-christ as we know it and this beast empire with it's mark will overtake christianity unawares but I have to say that the interpretation of Revelations is up in the air with me probably now more than ever. I used to follow end-times prophecy with all zeal and was very interested in the Constance Cumby conspiracy theories but it seems to me we are on top of this all too well or so we think. As it is today in the evangelical church it is almost anathema to challenge the notion of the coming anti-christ dictator but i'am not going to believe what men want me to believe, I'am going to believe God's truth. For me there is just something not right about the "Left Behind" anti-christ dicator model. I think if it were possible we could still even be deceived but i try to keep my eye on all of it. Got to stay awake.

    1. Indeed, we had best not think we have it all figured out. Because, "it will deceive even the elect if it were possible."

      I think it's good that you challenge the accepted norm of the Antichrist. I think there will be one, my personal belief is that the Bible does indicate this in many places, however we shouldn't be so blind to think that 1) we can identify him ahead of time and 2) that what we think and believe about him is right. He is a master liar after all.

      In the end, it doesn't matter who or what we think the Antichrist is, but rather what we believe about Jesus Christ and what he's done for us. That's all that matters.

    2. I agree with not focusing on the identity of the AC, but I believe we should know the "nature" of the AC. That is because we have been given numerous warnings from Jesus's own mouth. From we shall know them by their fruit, to let no one decieve you. Jesus warned us over and over about not believing those who say that Jesus has come or the savior is in the desert.

      This warning gives me the chills, because if an AC figure has the worldly appearences of the messiah, there will be many decieved. How awful for lovers of Christ, but lukewarm in lifestyle, who won't recognize an imposter because they are not intimate with the spirit of truth and thus get forewarned.
      - hopeful_watcher

    3. Agreed.

      That's why the Bible gives us enough clues to warn us, but not enough to go AHA!

      If we walk by faith, with Jesus, we don't need to worry!

  3. I totally agree with "No One", a commentator above of my comment. Bible has given us solutions to every problems and answers to every complex questions. All we need is to understand it and apply it in our daily life.