Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Don't Tea me Off: Bob Marley Tea and Getting High

Undeniably, Bob Marley is one of the most popular musicians of all time, and certainly the most famous Reggae musician ever. Whether he's popular because of his music, or like many musicians, popular because of his unashamed embrace of marijuana and drug use is anyone's guess. Personally, i think his music is just OK, even his ska stuff with the Wailers as i like ska more than reggae, so i've given him a fair chance. He just isn't my cup of...tea.

But what do i know, i listen to ska music, and that's not popular right now.

Anyways, in addition to soothing us with his groundbreaking music, Mr. Marley also seeks to soothe us with his own brand of relaxation drinks.

Thats right. Relaxation drinks.

Despite being dead for more than 30 years, Bob Marley has somehow decided to find time to endorse a brand of relaxation drinks, probably available at your local grocery store.

"What's wrong with that?" you might ask.

Well, nothing really. Except that they warn you not to drive after drinking it. The reason being is that this drink makes you sleepy. REAALLY sleepy.

I also have another suspicion, based on first hand experience. I think they can also make you high. Or at least what i think being high might feel like. It felt enough like drunkeness to make me suspect that drinking these teas can make you high. But even if that's not the case, there are things in the tea that should not be consumed regularly without seeing a doctor.

Allow me to share my personal experience. I was having a stressful day at work (as always) and i was at the store on my lunch break looking for snacks when i saw this tea. I saw a flavor i was intrigued by and checked out the label.

The main ingredient, i think was chamomile, something i do drink occasionally as it does help me relax. But in addition to this, the drink contains melatonin and valarian root. More on those in a moment. Seeing nothing obviously harmful or "weird", and seeing that valarian root seemed to be OK, i bought one.

Here's what happened.

Back at work, i took a few sips, it tasted pretty good and i didn't really feel much. I felt kind of relaxed, so i drank a little more, finishing 1 serving from a 2 serving bottle. (You know someone will drink the whole bottle.) It wasn't long before i felt weird.

Now, i've never been high and haven't done drugs before, but i have certainly been drunk before. What i felt was what i imagine getting high must feel like. It was sort of the feeling like i was drunk, but it was slightly different. It's hard to describe. I sort of felt really peaceful and relaxed and in some ways sort of very lazy and not wanting to move.

While this feeling was developing, i read some side effects of valarian root, all of which i began to feel. Thirst, slight headache, dizziness, etc.

As i was sitting in my desk at work, i stopped working and just suddenly did nothing. I couldn't bring myself to do anything except just sit there for an hour or so. Luckily my boss was gone that day. It was really interesting as well, because the music i was listening to started to sound more rich and "newer" like i was noticing new things about it. It's a longstanding favorite of mine, so i know it sounded slightly different. Perhaps clearer.

After i felt like moving again, i went and got some water and coffee, i also talked to a coworker briefly and remember being kind of giggly.

After i finally felt sobered up, i still had some headache, but was incredibly tired. I also began to feel hungry, reminding me of the "munchies" that many pot smokers joke about. I finally went home, and took a nap on the couch. It was only 15 minutes, but it helped. Later that night, i slept really well and easily. I even felt extra rested. But i recall having extremely vivid dreams, yet another side effect of valerian.

All in all, that was my experience.

Here's a quick bit on valerian and melatonin.

Basically, valerian is a sedative, and is used to treat insomnia and anxiety. So there are some medicinal uses for it, and i think those may be OK. I haven't researched it much though.

Still i would urge caution. First, there are adverse side effects (including paralysis) especially if large doses are consumed. Something that is not advertised on the 2 serving bottle that many will drink as 1 serving. That's not to mention that one probably shouldn't take to long-term use of valerian without consulting a doctor.

I haven't looked into this aspect much either, but i would be careful in the event that valerian has some sort of role in facilitating spirit contact. (Pharmakeia, sorcery, etc.). I wasn't able to find occult uses of it, but i didn't look that hard. Still, anything that makes you dream more vividly i would recommend be used with extreme caution, thus preventing spiritual encounters as outlined in the Bible.



Melatonin is also something used to treat sleep disorders, and a number of other things. However, only for short periods of less than 3 months (wiki).

There's a host of things melatonin does, mainly treating conditions caused by working late at night, as well as serving as an antioxidant. Still, it would be better to have your body produce its own, rather than ingesting some from an outside source. Especially without a doctor's recommendation.


Overall, valerian and melatonin probably shouldn't used for extended periods of time (without a doctor's direction or some medical need), something that someone drinking these drinks may not know. By drinking this one may inadvertantly cause harm by consuming too much. Who knows, some people may drink them regularly.

Add to that, the possibility of addiction, or even the feeling of getting high (my own experience) it would be good to avoid this drink, especially if you are a Christian. Even if there are no spiritual events happening, the possibility exists that you may invite encounters with dark spirits. Spirits that can only be sent packing by calling on Jesus Christ.


  1. I've had plenty of experience with melatonin and valerian. Never tried a Marley tea, but I did try a grape drink last week with valerian (10 mg) and chamomile. It came in a 2 serving size, and I did drink the whole thing, which was too much for me. Haven't wanted to repeated the experience.

    Here's more of my experience with valerian root...

    I definitely don't think it should be used when driving or involved in things that cause harm due to not paying attention.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      For sure, the marley tea even says (in very small print, hidden away) not to use if driving or using heavy machines. A warning if I've ever heard one.

      The one I drank was also. A 2 serving size. I drank maybe 1/4 to 1/2, and that was too much for me as well. I can't imagine drinking all of it, I probably would have died. This is america, do you really think someone's only going to drink 1 serving? I doubt it.

      I noticed they're on major sale lately too. Wondering why. Either no one's buying it, or they're trying to hook people.

  2. Hi Frank: letting you know that I am reading your blog posts, I recall listening to Marley in my drug infused days BC fancy having a tea that produces ""His mind"" some thirty years on... apparently he was constantly stoned.. part of his religion so he said!

    blessings Frank

    john B

  3. Thanks John B! Hope you're blessed through my ramblings :)

    It is interesting he's still a cultural thing. I knew he was a stoner, but whenever I listen to his music, I just can't listen to it. I'm not much for reggae anyways, though some is good. I like ska much more. Even marleys ska with the wailers, I feel is sub par. Especially in light of laurel aitken, the skatalites and other greats.

    I think he's endured, mainly because his endoresement for drugs. I'm sure his music sounds a lot better when you're stoned, because even stuff I really like sounded way better when I was on the marley tea.

  4. Yo dude, Alcohol >IS< a drug. Please see to reclassifying yourself. Very informative article, nonetheless!

  5. I tried this last night and was very pleased with the results. This is a relaxation tea. It is NOT a tea you drink at work. It warns you of the drowsiness you will feel on the bottle. It literally says do not drink until you want to relax. So I would suggest reading all labels carefully before trying something new... This will not make you high. I think any "munchies" and side effects of that sort are most likely to be the placebo effect of a drink endorsed by Marley.

  6. yeah you were stoned. all the symptoms, minus the headache after. its not so bad is it?

  7. I was considering using this tea to stop smoking weed. People think there's no such thing as weed withdraw. That's a lie.
    Quitting weed causes insomnia & it is psychologically deal with life's stresses. I've been dealing with it quitting turkey yet I really need something to help me relax my nerves & I don't want to take pills to do that. Thank u 4 your feedback. I most likely would have drank the whole bottle & I'm not looking to get high.

    1. I think you need Jesus.

      Getting right with Him, placing your trust in Him to deal with your sin will help a lot.

      It helped me with my sleep problems and often with stress. In middle school and sometimes highschool I had insomnia, and after I got saved I think it helped.

      Nicky Cruz's experience confirms this in "run baby run" which I recommend reading. He had much fear and couldn't sleep. Once he knew Jesus, that all changed

      Still, there are times even as a Christian due to stress where I've had trouble sleeping. Sometimes I drink chamomile tea and that helps

      I will pray for you.