Monday, October 1, 2012

It's here at last!

Ancient Aliens debunked!

To accompany it, there are several blogs on this site that also debunk ancient aliens. Enjoy! Please also visit this will help you to delve deeper into many of the other claims they make in ancient aliens.


  1. Are you friends with Chris White? He is da' man when it comes to putting out videos that are both logical and biblical. I was shocked at how deceptive and manipulative the A.A. series was. It's clearly about an agenda and not merely people getting a few facts wrong.

  2. Hey hopeful!

    While I've not met Chris in person, and I don't want to put words in his mouth, i'd consider him a great friend and brother in the Lord.

    I have done some work for the AA video, and content for the Website and will continue doing some as needed. This blog also is on the RRN blog feed.

    I too was surprised at the deception in the whole thing. I knew aliens were a lie, but figured all the "ancient tech" was all fallen angels and nephilim. So far, it seems that ancient tech (based on AA evidence) lacks any convincing evidence at all, and has many more lies.