Friday, November 2, 2012

is hurricane sandy God's judgment?

all. please pray for new York and those hit by hurricane sandy. many are without power and food and dangerously close to barbsrism. and its only been one or two days. many in NYC at least aren't expected to get power for another week.

pray also that we as an American people will have a true heartfelt repentence of our sins through Jesus Christ. I believe we must accept the fact that hurricane sandy could well be the hand of God judging america. perhaps its a lessened form of it to warn and woo us back. but lets be honest, we do deserve judgment if we don't turn from our wicked ways as a country.

I'm not the first to say God is due to judge america. david wilkerson gave a potentially prophetic word YEARS ago about fires burning all throughout NYC as a result of God's judgment. I wonder if this is the beginning of that.

Chuck missler always paraphrases someone by saying if God doesn't judge america He'll have to apologize to sodom and gomorrah.

here's a few things we are responsible for that God could and should judge us for, using His example in the Old testament and the preaching of other biblical teachers.

aborting millions of babies

using virtual slave labor for our many products, including ipads

the continuation and starting of unjust wars

our corrupt business and political processes both of which work together against the good of the common man

lack of compassion for the poor


the celebration of homosexuality

the continuation of human trafficking and pornography

the fact that we didn't repent after other "warning sign" acts of judgment (9-11, Katrina, the 300 tornadoes of 2011, the gulf oil spill, etc.)

it should be no shock that we had another. i'm no prophet and I have no prophetic word thst I know of but if we don't repent after this, something far worse will happwn and soon. maybe the big one in california. the new madrid. maybe somethig else entirely. what will it take for us to wake up? to recognize our sin and humble ourselves in repentance before our God? after all we're a "Christian nation" aren't we?

its not too late yet. turn from you sin, turn to Jesus. God took care of our sin at the cross. if we don't accept that and turn to Christ we are doomed.

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  1. I think it is very interesting that hurricanes have seeminly plagued the rightwing ever since they blew it with Katrina.
    In 2008 the Republican convention had to tone it down as a hurricane entered their prime time convention and now in 2012 Hurricane Issac headed for Tampa Florida site of the GOP convention clipping off the day Romney was to be nominated then turned directly for New Orleans as if to again remind us of botched Katrina and all of the rightwings neutering of government programs that handle disasters.

    And now a record setting never before seen superstorm arrives just in time to give Obama a boost demonstrating leadership as president and effectively muzzling much of the Romneys attacks.
    Hey, the religious right love these interpretations about disasters. Did they never think it might come back on them?

    God hates the greed and corruption of the marketeers as much as gay marriage,abortion and personal sins. Interesting He kind of takes in out with both in New Orleans.