Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Checking in

hi everyone.

just checking in to let you know I'm still around.

I've taken some time off from thIs blog to focus on a few other projects as welk as job searxhing. all of whIch seems t have hit a wall of sorts. I would covet your prayers for these items.

I also plan to take some time away from this blog to seek the Lord and grow in faith and wisdom a  bit. looking back, I wonder if I could have done any of these r rposts better, or pointed to Jesus more eeffectively. to help me in this, I'll be reading the Word, praying and listening to J Vernon Mcgee. most of all,  seeking Christ  the more i've looked into speculative things, the more i've realized how much I need Jesus.

so until I do some more blogs,  seek Jesus.


  1. Great to hear you are alive and kicking brother. I am with you and I am hearing it more and more that people are taking a step back from speculative studies and resting in the one and everlasting truth, Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

  2. Hallelujah!, there you are No One. Was concerned but it is good to hear you are ok and seeking the Lord. That must come first then everything else follows doesn't it? Want you to know this blog has been such a blessing especially in the face of a compromised church that needs questions asked and also questions that our intellect seeks to explore relative to expanding horizons in science etc.
    I will pray that you get things worked out in your walk with Jesus and work and that if possible that will allow you to return to this blog soon. I really believe "Don't Ask That In Church" has a great future brother but lay it all before Christ and He will pick up His will for you.

    Jesus first then all else follows.

    Should it be His way for you I and others will hope to hear from you again soon,