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Probing Deeper: Dissecting the Betty Andreasson Case

So having left off in the 20's pagewise, let's pick up where we left off with Ms. Andreasson.

I should retract my statement in the previous post about the similarity to Ezekiel's wheel (which was sort of quoted over at It turns out that this is not the case, as Ezekiel describes living beings (Seraphim) and the throne of the LORD. On page 25 of the "Andreasson Affair", Betty illustrated what she saw in the blue book (coincidence that there was an air force project of the same name?) because she saw this in the bottom of the UFO. She saw 3 or 4 pin like things in the bottom of the UFO that rotated around. No idea what it is, except that it doesn't really correspond with anything in the book of Ezekiel as I had previously thought.

So, moving on into new material. Betty continues to experience a typical "alien abduction." There are differences of course, but for the most part it's quite a typical scenario. I'll note where things turn weird(er).

Page 32 - It should be noted again that everything Betty recalled, and that was written in the "Andreasson Affair", was the result of a hypnotic trance. In other words, she was in an altered state of conciousness. I had a theory, perhaps Betty only briefy encountered the beings, and then later underwent hypnosis. In her altered state, perhaps she tapped into the second heaven/akashic records and was made to believe that she had experienced all of this abduction stuff. Or, perhaps she really did experience it. Either way, we probably won't know for sure, but this is just something to consider. Her trance may have led her to false experiences. Continuing on, presuming that she really did experience this.

Page 36 - Betty is forced into a changing room where a white gown is hovering. She changes into the white gown and a being escorts her out. Obviously the white is reminiscent of hospital attire, but to me, some symbolism jumped out. The white gown is perhaps a mockery of the white robes that believers in Christ will wear one day. The difference being that ours will not make us feel shame as Betty's did.

Page 37 - As soon as Betty leaves the room, the following happens.

"Outside the changing room, the entities awaited Betty. She became fearful and prayed frantically (Fowler exaggerates a bit, IMO) for help. 'Ah,' she thought to herself, 'What is all this about? What are they going to do to me?...Oh, Jesus be with me!'

The entity nearest the door seemed to sense Betty's fear:

When I said that, the leader glanced at me quickly - sort of surprised or stunned. I guess he was reading what my thoughts were, and he seemed to move a little slower. I guess he saw that I was wondering what this was all about, 'cause he said 'you'll be all right. Follow us. Please get in back of me again.' He seemed a little concerned, because he kept looking back checking to see if I was getting in back."


WOW, talk about an elephant in the room! At the moment she said/thought "Jesus" the "alien" being stopped in his track! There was a comment to last week's post that said something to the effect of aliens not knowing who Jesus was. Then why was this "alien" so stunned at the name of Jesus? Why do other "aliens" claim that they made Jesus? Or why do they just demote Him to being a great teacher? This is because "aliens" as we earthmen have experienced them thus far are nothing but the same old demoninc beings who've been harrassing us for thousands of years. In my opinion, this "alien's" reaction proves it.

Did she ask Jesus for help? This may be just semantics, but to be clear, she did not ask Jesus for help, as such. "Oh, Jesus be with me" is a far cry from either testing the spirits (1 John 4:1 - 3) or rebuking them. It is also not quite the same as crying to Jesus for help. I have confidence that if she had ordered them in the name of Jesus Christ to stop, they would have. Or if she had whole heartedly cried out, "Jesus help me!" she would have been delivered. This is my opinion, but I get the feeling that Betty intended to keep going and merely was saying this halfheartedly, and sort of in the vein that folks say "God help us" but really don't mean it as a an actual prayer.

In any event, Betty stopped this creature in his tracks by her words, even without a clear request for help or order for them to stop. "The leader glanced at me quickly - sort of surprised or stunned." He was no doubt stunned! He had already gotten her this far, for her to suddenly wake up and realize the source of her authority over the aliens, no doubt put him into a panic. Betty thought he was noticing that she wondered what what was going on, but he was probably watching her to make sure she didn't make any more trouble. He even had to ask for her to follow him again, the power of Jesus seems to have freed her from the "alien's" and he had to ask her to follow again. He needed her to give him the right (rite?) to control things again.

In any event, Chapter 3 ends, and she winds up in the examination room at the start of Chapter 4.

Page 42 - The "aliens" are now dressed in a sort of white color. Mockery again of the white in the Bible? The beings begin probing Betty (that term has taken on a humorouse edge these days, but I assure you Betty's probing was no laughing matter.) and she feels pain. A being put his hand on her forehead and said that he was "awakening" something. This is glossed over in the book, but as I read this, I wondered if perhaps if the being had opened her "third eye" which is of course a New Age term. If you want yours opened, please do not do it. The standard exam continues uncovering that Betty has had a hysterectomy, and that the beings had REMOVED a nasal implant. This implies that Betty has been abducted before.

Page 44 - 45 - This seems to be something specific to Betty's case. The beings wanted to measure Betty for light. Another detail specific to Betty, near as I can see, is that the "aliens" use a wand-like device. Quazgaa measures her for light and says something which on the surface is unusual, but when taken in light of a spiritual, and specifically Christian light (sorry, no pun intended) it makes some sense. (Emphasis mine)

"'You have not understood the word that you have,' Quazgaa told her. 'You've misunderstood some places....There are spots from it...You are not completely filled with the light.'"

Betty argues that she is filled with the light, but Quzgaa insists on measuring her. They argue back and forth, and Quazgaa tells her she has "spots" again and Betty says "I'm in complete control...control."

This is my interpretation of the above. Quazgaa seems to know that Betty should have rebuked him and called to Jesus for help and leaned on His authority to deliver her. This is what I think he means by her not being filled with the light. My thoughts are that her relationship with Christ is not right at the moment, OR that she didn't fully understand the truth that God has given her (and us) in the Bible. She didn't fully understand the word of God and hadn't filled herself with it. It seems that Quazgaa chided her for this.

Page 45 - Showcases the bias of the investigators, how they automatically assume this abduction was perpetrated by beings from another planet, when there was no evidence or even allusion that such was true. They were more interested in the doodads, and the inside of the spaceship and were blinded by their lust for knolwedge.

Page 46 - Betty says at this point that she's under control. It seems to be that she was trying to dissociate herself from the event in the abduction during hypnosis. I had initially supected that she had said this during the abduction, but perhaps this idea of her being in control is important. Perhaps not.

It seems that so far this abduction has much to do with Betty's relationship with Jesus, as well as how the beings are affected by that as well. It's not just her relationship with Christ, but also her knowledge of the Bible that seem to have been of interest to Quazgaa. Unfortunately this allowed Quazgaa much freedom to do his thing. We also don't know if Betty or anyone else had been into occult activity, so it's not easy to see why she underwent this. Still, Quazgaa knew he could have his way because my theory is that Betty was not filled with Christ, His Spirit, His word and she misunderstood and failed to apply His word. I do not know this for sure, I don't know what was going on in Betty's heart, but it's the only thing i can think of that would allow the devil to have this much power over her through this experience. And if Quazgaa opened her third eye here as well, that could have had devastating consequences if she failed to ask Jesus to get rid of that.

That's where we'll leave it for today. Things continue to grow weirder for Betty as her story continues. My theory will also be greatly challenged as well, so please stay tuned.

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