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Welcome to my underground lair: Continuing Betty Andreasson's Journey

Up to this point Betty Andreasson has been taken onto what she and her investigators believe to be a spacecraft from another world by what they assume are alien beings. I of course believe that they are demonic/Satanic beings of some sort, though at this point it's too early to speculate precisely whether they are fallen angels, or demonic spirits. Yes there is a difference, go to LA Marzulli's blog and ask about it and you will get plenty of good responses. Betty was taken by these beings and subjected to a painful procedure that seemed to focus on her reproductive organs. There, these beings discovered that Betty had had a hysterectomy and apparently they weren't exactly pleased with this, but after discovering this, Betty still had much to tell her interviewers.

Page 46 -50 - There's a description and some emphasis on the tools that were used in her procedure. Page 50 her abductors seem to have a discussion, and Betty learns that they now want to measure her for procreation. The book isn't clear to me. It seems they had already examined her with needles, and had to subject her to it again because she "was missing parts" due to her hysterectomy. At any rate, Betty goes through the examination apparently twice.

Page 55 - As another phase of her abduction is under way, Betty is apparently distressed. Quazgaa waves his hands over her and she becomes more relaxed. To me, this seems similar with reiki. I am not sure, but since I do believe reiki is linked to demonic activity (find Lynn Dickie's testimony on itunes, or in the Revelations Radio archives) so it wouldn't be a surprise if she did undergo reiki at the hands of Quazgaa. If this is true, it could have had a horrible effect on Betty's Christian walk and would have also likely put her under demonic attachment at the very least.

Page 56 - Betty asks "Oh what is this about, Jesus?" She asked this as she was led back to the room to get dressed. I mention it because she mentions Jesus. I don't know what this means exaclty, other than it could be indicative of her relationship with Jesus. What does it tell us? I have no idea what was in Betty's heart or what her walk with Jesus was, but I would like to think that a Spirit filled Christian would start trying to cast these things out, or asking Jesus for help rather than trying to worry what it was about. As LA Marzulli always says: "Rebuke first, and ask questions later."

Chapter 5 finds Betty no longer in the UFO, but instead she has found her way into a tunnel or an underground type of place. The details are quite interesting, so I encourage you to check the book out for yourself.

Page 57 - 58 - Her investigators are still under the spell of the story it seems. They really believe this is an alien thing from outerspace. They hound her for details, which Betty provides. Just an interesting not about the possible motives of her investigators.

Page 59 - Inside the tunnel/underground lair, The beings lead Betty to some sort of bizarre chair, and they ask her, and then suggest for her to sit. Fowler states that they gave her an illusion of freewill in the matter. Fowler also points out that her willpower was being dominated by the beings. While Fowler believes that her ability to choose was limited, I agree to a certain extent, but I also believe that she could have resisted or refused to go along. To retierate what I've said in previous posts, If she had sincerely asked Jesus for help, or rebuked the being in the name of Christ, she would have been safe. I don't want to be too hard on Betty, as by this point her mind was under severe stress and she was ill prepared to stary with.

Page 65 - I would also like to point out at this point Betty is apparently underground and traveling via some sort of weird rail-tram system. The beings don't seem to be using the system to travel, but they are there when Betty is done riding the tram. When she see them again they now have black hoods on that cover their face. This is interesting because some people claim to be abducted by hooded beings. I'm not sure if this is what they mean, but it's interesting.

68 - 72 - Betty passes through a looking glass sort of thing, and enters a chamber filled with red light, here she sees some sort of monkey like beings that are totally unlike the "aliens" that abducted her. They creep her out, and apparently the aliens don't care for them either as they are wearing black hood to cover their faces. I don't have any real opinion on them at the minute, other than they may be illusory, or perhaps other forms of demon. Really there's no telling. Betty continues through this chamber and they enter into a chamber with green light and the beings take their hoods off.

Page 74 - As Betty moves along the track through this bizarre underground place, she sees buildings, one of which is a pyramid with white sides. It's also slightly misshapen and has a sphinx-like head on top of it. It's interesting that there's an Egyptian theme, but I don't put too much stock into it.

Betty's abduction, as strange as it was to start with, departed from the usual alien abduction when she began to tell about the underground tunnel. Many abductees to talk about being taken to an underground facility, or even into the ocean. There are some interesting theories out there about the demonic beings and fallen angels being imprisoned in the sea. This may be plausible, but I have yet to research it thoroughly. In any event, this underground place is common to many abductions, but who operates them? Are they human bases? Are they run by the demonic beings? Is it both? Is it all an illusion designed to deceive Betty and the investigators?

Betty's already strange experience becomes even more so as she encounters more beings that defy typical abductions, and also challenge my theory about the demonic angle. The one thing that can be said about Betty's experience as an abductee is that each experience is more strange than the last.

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