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The Tables Have Turned: Betty Andreasson's Abductors Hint at Their Evil Origins

Ohboy! My copy of “The Andreasson Affair" is getting beat up! So Betty got some vague message from a disembodied voice, possibly the phoenix, possibly not. I am of the opinion that the voice was not God, I could very well be wrong. I’d like to get say LA Marzulli, Russ Dizdar’s or someone else’s take on that (and this whole case for that matter, but sadly they have bigger fish to fry, and the Lord has given me this case to dissect. I’ll be happy for what I have.)

So having left off around page 87 of “The Andreasson Affair”, let’s pick up again. Page 88 has Betty giving her opinions of the bird to her investigators. Mainly, she insist that it was alive, and that she was hot. She mentions “specks of gold” floating all around, which is an interesting link to the New Apostolic Reformation. I recall in a Podcast Derek Gilbert mentioning this phenomena in conjunction with a lot of the NAR’s supernatural (and heretical) goings on. Betty’s investigators confirm that Betty’s story up until the bird episode was right on target with a typical close encounter of the third kind. Ray Fowler affirmed that to Betty this bird thing was as real as the rest of the abduction.

Page 90 – 93 – Betty, Ray and the other investigators discuss the religious aspects of her experience. She described a greenish sea that was also clear. (Interesting to note, I believe Revelation describes a sea of glass near God’s throne EXCEPT that the sea near the true God is CLEAR and free of imperfection. A green sea implies some sort of impurity and possibly a mockery of the Lord’s throne room.)

Betty emphasizes that she felt intense emotions, she believes it was the love of Christ. Fowler seems to want to ascribe all of this to a religious experience. His theory was that Betty was compensating for an “alien” abduction by assigning religious symbolism to the experience. His main problem with that is that the phoenix is not a modern Christian symbol, but an old one. (It was from here that I probably got the theory about the phoenix, but then again, it’s fairly self evident that’s what it was supposed to be)

Betty also connected the bird symbol on the alien uniforms to an Inca Indian symbol. It seemed to serve as a sort of insignia, probably denoting the grey’s loyalty to this bird being.

From page 93 to around 104, it’s basically a description of her journey back to the ship, and it’s more or less a reverse of her trip there. On page 104, Betty remarked that the beings were kinder to her after mentioning Jesus, and when she was in these glass chairs that were full of liquid.

Page 109 -111 – Quazgaa has once again come to Betty, and he stares at her apparently hypnotizing her. Betty describes that his face has become like a bee’s face. I find this interesting. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s because Judd Burton has described some of the giants as speaking with a sort of buzzing or insect like sound. Also, other abductees report insectoid “aliens” during abductions, for whatever that is worth.

Apparently as Quazgaa speaks with her telepathically, he apparently is giving her formulas, presumably scientific ones. What these formulas are for, Betty doesn’t say. Quazgaa also states that he’s come to help the human race, which is a common element in abductions. Quazgaa also states that “All things have been planned” and that “love is greatest of all.” This is interesting because 1) it sounds like a good thing, and 2) there is just enough Biblical truth there for it to sound right. The catch is, this creature does not give that glory to God or Jesus Christ. Christ said that love is one of the greatest things a person an do. And the Bible affirms that God has planned everything from start to finish. This lack of praise to God betrays the “alien’s” loyalties.

Q also says that “They have technology that man could use…It is through the spirit, but man will not search out that portion.” (page 111) This is something that comes up later in Betty’s case, in the “Watchers” book. What does this mean? Does this mean that there is a spiritual “technology”? Is Quazgaa lying? Or is he trying goad mankind into searching for a “spiritual technology” so that we will open up ways for the demonic to enter our world? I can’t say, but I wouldn’t rule out any of them at this point.

Quazgaa also suggests that mankind will find many answers in nature, in fire, and basically the natural world. This is true to a point, all creation declares the glory of God. But what Quazgaa seems to be suggesting is some sort of New Agey kind of spiritual pursuit of “spiritual technology.”

One could argue that mankind has pursued that before. There are rumors that the Nazis tried to develop technology from channeled (aka, demonic) information. Some of the contactees (UFO) of the 1950’s also received plans for technology from “aliens” and tried to build it. Quazgaa finishes by saying that energy is all around man, again a New Age concept like Chi, or The Force of Star Wars.

Some quick thoughts about all of this, is that he’s just trying to make Betty feel special, the way many trapped in the New Age are led on by these beings. Often times when one is enthralled by familiar spirits, they lead one to believe that they are gifted and chosen for a specific purpose. This is needless to say, a great confidence boost. For more on this sort of thing, search out Lynn Dickie’s testimony, or that of Gaz Parker. Gaz also may cover some of that on his blog (

Over the next number of pages, Betty described more things about the UFO, and the evening. Her investigators were frothing at the mount for any information they could hear that would prove an ET visitation. They wanted to check weather reports, and it even came to light that the grass in a certain section of Betty’s yard would no longer grow. This does seem to imply that Betty was physically taken somewhere, though it is absolutely impossible to be 100% sure. Also, Betty was left with Quazgaa’s blue book, which she was supposed to read, and eventually it disappeared. Oddly, the entities at this point are also using these glowing orbs for various reasons. My thoughts are that it’s for paralysis, or even just for show.

Page 120 – Betty is told by “Joohop” that the contents of the blue book will only be revealed through the spirit. Joohop said that it is “the language of light.” For those familiar with Lynn DIckie’s testimony, or LA Marzulli’s “Alien Interviews” know that Lynn was able to write in “light language” which was given to her by the beings she was in contact with. Suffice it to say, Lynn repented of this and chose to follow Christ. When she did so, the “friendly alien beings” she was in contact with showed their true colors and turned absolutely nasty.

Betty asks Joohop why man does not seek love, and Joohop gives her a half truth, “man has separated himself.” Joohop uses this to support perhaps a dualistic theology, but of course stops short of saying that man has separated himself from God, and can only be restored through faith in Jesus Christ. For beings that are supposed to have no knowledge of human religion, they sure have strong theological opinions and a knowledge of the human condition.

Page 124 – Betty recounts how the grass on the hill where the UFO was, was unable to grow grass.

Page 125 – 126 - Betty recalls how she was warned away from using hypnosis because it was “in the occult realm.” Oh, how true that is Betty. She also described how she felt better before God for having searched out UFO investigators to help her figure things out. In an ideal word she would have rebuked the entities in the first place, failing that, she should have went to a competent deliverance minister to get help. Sadly, those are probably in short supply back then as they are now.

This is where the abduction event itself seems to end. From this point on, in chapter 9, there is a quite interesting turn of events that to me proves this whole episode is demonic. The door to the occult had been thrown wide open, and the demons were flying through it with reckless abandon. For starters, on of the UFO investigators had a heart attack and died. That could be coincidence, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there had been some sort of demonic thing that happened to him. The next thing that confirms this theory is that Betty began speaking in unknown languages as though some was speaking THROUGH her. She also seemed to begin acting as a channeler at this point.

So stay tuned. The proof is in the pudding, and desert’s almost served! If there hasn’t already been enough proof of demonic involvement with Betty Andreasson’s case, you’ll see even more soon.

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