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Goodness Gracious, Great Birds of Fire: Betty Andreasson's Journey into Mystery

Before we start, I was going to mention the UFO videos for the Temple Mount. At this point, it's too early to tell what it is or is not, but the timing is "coincidental," is it not? Unrest in Egypt, and the Muslim world. At this point, I feel that the Lord wants me to wait before digging into this too much, but off the cuff, this is what I think.

My theories:

1) It's just a good, run of the mill special effects hoax. By multiple people from different angles.
2) It's a hologram/"real" physical phenomena projected by terrestrial parties unknown.
3) It's just a run of the mill demonic UFO prank.

I would hesitate to guess that this is of God, though it is tempting. But Christ Himself said that He Himself was coming, not as an orb of light. And that many would say, Christ is here, or there, but really they would not actually be Him. So, suffice it to say, I think this thing is not of God but that is my opinion. When God makes Himself known to us again, it will be through His Son, Jesus and will be alot less mysterious than this. Nevertheless, we must be watchful and ready for Jesus to return at ANY time.

OK, now as Derek and Sharon Gilbert always say, "Get out your tin foil hats."

Now, back to Betty Andreasson. I've been reading deeper into her case, and finally finished the abduction as it was documented, and there is some clear cut demonic stuff coming up. Then there's also a wrap up of the case, chock full of UFO propaganda, then some assorted treats here and there. Almost done with the book though, and we'll see where God leads me.

Page 75 - Betty has just finished describing a city in this place of green atmosphere. Here she saw an odd shaped pyramid with a hermaphroditic head upon it, which was Egyptian in nature. Betty drew a picture of crystals that were floating in the air. She described (presumably) a futuristic city in the distance. For several pages, she just described various things she saw or felt, many of which are interesting, but not that important.

Page 77 - 80 - Betty is taken through the crystals in some way, and into the presence of a gigantic bird. Betty became extremely hot as she got close to the bird. She complained about the heat, and then they had to stop her hypnosis. They debriefed her, and Betty elaborated on some things.

One, which I might have brought up before, is that the greys wore black hoods. Many people who have sleep paralysis report black hooded beings. Whether these are related, it's difficult to say.

Second, Betty told the investigators that she thought she had been taken out of the earth, but then also felt that she was INSIDE the earth. Now, did she mean a cavern inside the earth? Or did she mean that the earth was hollow? (see my "Hell" posting as well) Absurd as it is, many believe the earth is hollow. Jim Wilhelmson (sp?) has a great theory and rationale for it. I haven't checked out his scripture references, but it's interesting. (Before getting too deep into his stuff, please do your scripture homework. Right or wrong, my own feeling on him is that he goes into some weird territory. Maybe that's where God wants him, I don't know.)

Edgar Rice Burruoghs has something like six books that take place at the Earth's Core, in the land of Pellucidar. Many occult beliefs claim the earth is hollow. I believe the Nazis were on of these, and there are likely others as well. Some Native Americans believe they entered this present world through a cavern. Where were they before?

The Bible does say there are people under the earth, but whether this means in the center, or merely in underground lairs is debatable. The point is, taking God's word literally, there are people UNDER the earth.

Phillipians 2:10

Revelation 5 (two references)

My theory is that they were referring prophetically to a time when people could make bases under the earth, but probably also meant the fallen angels that were chained under the earth.

So whether Betty was taken to an underground bunker, to the center of the earth or something in between, it's not out of the realm of what I think God's word clearly says.

Chapter 6

Page 83 - 85 - Betty, once again hypnotized, finds herself before this giant bird. Her description seems similar to an average bald eagle, and behind it is a very white, bright light. The bird is apparently alive, of this, Betty is absolutely sure.

An interesting note, Betty also described that there were "gold specks" flying around. This is an interesting note, because any who have heard Derek Gilbert talk about dominionism have heard him mention this phenomena before. Todd Bentley (and similar false teachers) have this phenomena occuring when they have their spiritual "shows" going on. Bentley (I believe) is reportedly in constant contact with angels, and they allegedly materialize things in his services. There is also a mention of people getting gold teeth and what not. Whether that's pure charlatanism on Bentley's part, or a real supernatural "false sign"is again debatable. Just a curious note.

Then, finally...Betty does the right thing.

"Betty Cried out for help and writhed in agony.

Oh, Lord Jesus, I'm hot. Help me. oh...I'm so hot!...

At this point Betty began to scream in pain.

Take me out of it!"

After this, her hands go numb, and her hands and feet vibrate. In hypnosis, she relaxed and she began to cool down, though her hands hurt. Then she noticed that there was a small fire in front of her. The bird apparently had been consumed by the fire!

Now, the first time I had read this, I was confused. After hearing Joe Jordan, and other state that abductions can be stopped in the name of Jesus Christ, they typically stopped immediately, and tthe person awoke, unharmed in their beds. This did not seem to be the case with Betty. If she asked Jesus for help, why did she not return? Were Joe Jordan and others wrong?

But then as I've thought about it, prayed about, and asked God for wisdom, a few things come to mind. First, Betty was suffering due to tremendous heat, presumably originating from the large bird. She asked Jesus for help, and immediately it seems that she was relieved from the heat, and the bird was presumably consumed by fire. She was still undergoing some discomfort, but she was delivered from that which she needed to be saved from. Her abduction did not stop, but this bird entity was more or less disintegrated. Very likely this bird was an illusion, or an alternate form for a demon/fallen angel.

Second. Betty was returned to her home, not long after this. But first, she had to travel back the way she had come. Perhaps this abduction could not be stopped because she had physically been brought elsewhere. For them to bring her back, and stop the abduction, they would have had to physically bring her back.

Third, Betty's relationship with Christ at this point was very likely blocked by sin. Her sin being that she more or less willingly went along with these beings, when she should have tested the spirits. It is also possible that they had opened her third eye, and potentially used reiki on her thus separating her further from God. Until these were repented of, and until she asked Christ to close those doors, she was potentially separated from God's power by her unconfessed sin. It is also possible she had other sin in her life, and this also prevented her from counting on Christ's authority.

See Acts 8:21 - 23. This scripture was pointed out I believe by Russ Dizdar as an indicator for unanswered prayer. If you're not right with God, your prayers MAY not get answered.

Fourth, she asked Jesus for help. She did not rebuke these entities in His name. She did not specifically ask Jesus for anything other than (seemingly) to do something about the discomfort. Unfortunately, she didn't have sense enough (not that I blame her entirely, she had been greatly deceived and bedazzled) to see that this worked, why not try to ask/rely on Jesus for complete deliverance from this episode?

To wrap things up:

I would have to honestly say that the modern church has not equipped most of us for the realities of spirtual warfare. My early Christian walk would have found me perhaps trying to cast them out in Christ's name, but I wasn't quite up on the exact way to do it. Then, after several years in Churches, some occult interests and little spiritual warfare experience, I would have been hard pressed to think straight.

Five years ago, I may have gone along just as Betty had, and I read my Bible regularly, ye thad little clue of the authority I had in Jesus Christ. Apart from Him, there is none, but having been identified with His death and resurrection, we get to partake of His authority to destroy the works of the devil.

If you are suffering from abduction experiences, you can make them stop by accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior, and getting into a right relationship with Him. Then, when the beings come, ask Christ for help, and if you can talk (or think), tell (or think) them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Also read Ephesians 6:12, and make sure you have confessed all sin to God and asked forgiveness. Don't get taken along for a ride like Betty did.

Next time: What happend to the bird? Who/what was the bird? What happened to Betty next?

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