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Planet X-Files – What’s the Christian Response to the Planet X Theory?

Planet X-Files – What’s the Christian Response to the Planet X Theory?

Cleaned up 7-25-2012 - This was a mess, sorry, i had to fix it. Especially since it's so popular! And of course, planet x is again "just on the other side of the sun" like elnin was. It's always somewhere we can't see it.

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the event at Roswell comes to mind as the granddaddy of them all with the most books, theories, contradictions and opinions regarding it. To modify a cliche about Rabbis and apply it to Roswell, “you get 5 people in a room to talk about Roswell, you’ll have 15 different theories.” Rising as a contender to take it’s place is the Planet X/Niburu/Nemesis theory.

For those who've been living in a cave, for reasons other than taking shelter from what’s rumored to be coming, Planet X, aka Niburu, aka Wormwood, aka Nemesis has risen to prominence in recent years with the theory that Planet X is en route to destroy the earth - or so many would have you believe. Some say evidence of this is in the Bible, while many others use an assortment of sketchy and interesting documentation, anonymous government sources and “ancient documents" to present their case for our impending planetary annihilation.

Where I stand and have stood:

On the one hand, I’m skeptical because of the sketchy sources, but at the same time I can’t buy the debunkers either. The bad astronomy guys lose credibility with me because they poo-poo things that I think have decent evidence, or are too closed minded, so when they debunk Planet x, i am not as convinced as much as i should be. On the other hand, some people buy into it too easily via the sketchy sources.

I used be pretty sold on this idea. Here's where I've been.

+ During my backsliding 70% sure it was coming
+ After astronomy class, 60% it was coming
+ During my research of this (in 2011) maybe 40% sure it was coming
+ After writing the article in 2011, 20 - 30% sure its coming
+ 2012 maybe 10% sure it's coming.

What i'd like to do is highlight the things that make me call shenanigans and contrast that with the few things i've heard that make it seem legit.

Anyways, for the three of you who haven't heard of Planet X, check this out:

I myself was seduced by this idea, maybe around 2005. I was sort of wondering and backsliding into New Age and UFO stuff. This was attractive, particularly when you look at the book of Revelation mentioning “Wormwood,” a star that falls from Heaven. Some people call Planet x wormwood, so...oh boy. In defense of the Planet x'ers, the theory behind a Planet X colliding with us seems scientifically plausible. That is, there may be a planet/brown dwarf star with a wildly elliptical orbit, perpendicular to the normal orbital plane. This orbit is supposedly so wild that it takes thousand of years to occur. For most of the thousands of years that Planet X isn’t causing us trouble, it’s hiding far “below” the orbital plane creeping away from us, or towards us.

I could buy that.

So, let’s take a look at the some of the evidence, in no particular order. By the way, Planet X doesn’t have to be a planet necessarily for it to fit into the Nibiru scenario. Some believe it may be a comet. (In fact, the comet/comet elenin theory seem(s)(ed) to be replacing the planet theory) Some think that the stuff that will collide (and has before) with Earth is a debris trail following this alleged brown dwarf/comet.

Even what IT IS is uncertain.

Orbital Oddities:

What really sold me though, was that I recall hearing as a kid that Uranus and Neptune's orbits were affected by something beyond, perhaps another planet way out there. Whatever this thing was supposed to be, Pluto was too small to account for it. It was referred to as Planet X because it was unknown. Add to this, the supposed statistic from NASA (which is frequently used, yet oddly never sourced) that 80% of star systems have two stars (one usually a brown dwarf).

You can see the base level attraction here, just enough information to tease but no definitive answer. The orbital oddities alone are compelling enough on their own to convince most of another planet hanging about. Add to that, the high percent of binary systems.

For more on the orbital oddities with Neptune that were potentially caused by another planet, check out this article

( and (

Basically, these are a summary of what I've read. Scientists have long believed that the orbits of Uranus and Neptune were affected to some degree by another planet. It's been determined that this planet cannot be Pluto. This makes those promoting the nemesis theory ( ) and thus the whole Planet X collision all the more compelling.

Add this article to the below article to the mix and you’ve got another good case. A large, unknown object some distance away.,3461403&dq=heavenly+body+iras&hl=en

This discovery though, could be merely a distant galaxy. It could also be a brown dwarf star in our system, but it gives no indication of heading towards earth, whatever it is.

So there you go. Orbital oddity hints at a planet, and it defies explanation. So, having long believed in the existence of another planet out there, it made me susceptible to the Planet x collision theory when it began popping up. After all, only a planet can cause this orbital conundrum with the outlier worlds. So, if someone discovered that something was going to collide with us, this must be what it is.

Not so.

For starters, if Planet X is rumored to be well below the ecliptic plane and rather far away, which is why it has not been observed until it's too late. If it's below the plane, how is it bothering the outlier planets that are on the plane? Or maybe a better question would be, “what direction is the orbital discrepancy happening?” if they're being pulled down, great. Pulled outward? Not so great. But of course, no one ever says. One would think if Planet X were bothering planets, it would be pulling them downs towards it if it's below the eccliptic.

But what about the "oddities" themselves? The articles above hint that these orbital oddities disappear if one uses the orbital data from the voyager missions. I've not heard that before, but it does make sense. not to mention, no oddities, no planet X.

Given that astronomy was so underdeveloped at the time these oddities were suggested, it wouldn’t be too shocking to believe that more current data could dispel older theories based on insufficient data. Around the time these oddities were suggested, Percival Lowell also discovered “canals” on Mars which don’t actually exist. While this early data is valuable for the time it was obtained, this data should be compared with more current data, and discarded if technology can disprove it. That’s called science.

I was amazed that in digging a tad deeper, i found that one of the pieces of evidence i thought supported a planet x theory is based on inadequate data.

Ok, so here's another bit that sold me. Remember the above percentage that said 80% of star systems are multi-star systems, mostly binary? Where are people getting this number from? I googled this stat (7-2011) and could find nothing. I don’t even know where i heard it before, but it is something I've heard.

But, there is areal stat. 50%-66% of star systems are binary. That’s still high, and statistically puts the odds against us, but nowhere near the 80% number. That being the case, the odds supporting a Niburu situation dropped substantially.

So what does that mean for earth? It seems to imply that we have a fair chance of having a binary companion, including a brown dwarf. But it's not overwhelming.

But how far can we trust NASA in the first place? Perhaps this stat is there to unofficially endorse a likelihood of people buying into a Planet x collision theory, while not officially admitting to it. Or perhaps its just there and means nothing. It is interesting that NASA would deny a planet x/binary sun for our system, yet promote a majority binary theory for everyone else. I wonder why.

Based on the percentage of binary systems, a Nibiru scenario is statistically possible. Sol could have a partner which would have to be a brown dwarf orbiting at a bizarre angle to evade detection for so many millennia.

Yes: 1 – NASA stats indicate a small majority of systems are binary.

No: 1 – The “Orbital oddities” were based on faulty data that was later disproved by the Voyager craft. Oddly, it’s also NASA data.

Moving on.

Biblical Evidence for Planet X:

Another thing that made me think the planet/comet collision thing was possible was that people on the internet allude to this brown dwarf/comet collision being in the Bible. I mentioned wormwood from the Book of Revelation earlier, and i thought that it could be plausible. You see a star and stars falling to earth, so extending that to mean a celestial object hitting earth isn't hard to see.

But deeper analysis has made me conclude that theory to be unlikely.

First (to the best of my understanding), stars, especially in the book of Revelation (where wormwood is mentioned), pretty much always mean angels and nothing else. Not comets, asteroids or planets. Revelation 6, 8 and 12 consistently use stars symbolically to mean angels, or so goes my understanding. Not to mention that Dr. Heiser’s work (which I will link later) has other cultures referring to the gods as stars.

But for the wormwood scenario in Revelation go to chapter 8, verse 5 to the end


seems as though it could fit an impact scenario of some sort. However, as you continue to chapter 9, this star being an actual planetary/astronomical body, or conventional cosmic object becomes less likely. It's referred to as "he" and he has a key to the bottomless pit. For wormwood to be a planetary body would take considerable stretching of the text. For one, planets don't have keys and don't act with intention like opening a bottomless pit on purpose.

(For more on Wormwood, and my recent thoughts, go to the bottom "10-14-11 Update". Also, upon further study the Wormwood star in Chpt 8 seems to be different than the star in chpt 9 with the key to the bottomless pit.)

For the sake of argument, there is one possibility for this being a "star" (celestial object. Comet. Debris fragment following Planet X.) crashing into earth. Let’s say a comet fragment “Star” hits earth, then opens up the earth's crust to the abyss and letting the demons out. Of course the earth would have to be hollow, and spiritual beings would have to be physically contained with it, but a comet/whatever could break through into the hollow earth and thus open the abyss.

I don’t think the earth is hollow (although Chuck Missler has an interesting theory I could possibly be convinced of), but I also think that such a theory cheapens and "normalizes" or science-izes God's word, and trivializes the spiritual truth at hand. It requires God to act within our physical world, with existing physical objects (that He created anyways), playing by our physical rules.

This is the same sort of logic that ancient astronaut proponents use. “Old-time humans were too primitive to understand” and so explained a scientific event (meteor impact) using mythological imagery. Is it possible? Yes. But to me it makes more sense as spiritual beings acting out things rather than conventional science at play. If it’s merely physical, non living objects interacting it just feels wrong to me and sort of removes God and the spiritual component of the cosmic struggle. I also don’t like having to play by the same limits and rules that “ancient aliens” folks use. That is allegorizing and symbolizing things that maybe should be taken literally.

If you use that logic here, then you have to take (or would be tempted to take) and do the same for the rest of the Bible. The plagues of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea, Joshua’s long day, Elijah’s fire from Heaven and Christ’s resurrection all have to then be analyzed from this framework. While I do agree that some of things in the Bible could be scientifically explained, and perhaps God did some things that way, it becomes a slippery slope when starting to view things that way. God is beyond physics. He invented physics. Why would He have to use scientifically explainable methods to perform miracles? He could, but why would He?

Though i don't necessarily agree that the Bible speaks of a planet x scenario, Late Night Lisa on LA Marzulli's blog kindly provided me with some information as possible proof that God's word does indeed warn us of planet x. Others have shared some of these other verses with me as well. You can look them all up on your own this time.

I will put my thoughts next to each one, but remember to read them all in context, and if something really looks good, then read the associated commentary. Chances are, these will not be related to Planet X. If you find anything compelling, be sure to comment on it.

I put the verse, followed by my analysis of the English version.

LNL shared this one: Luke 21:26 - my comments - (this whole chapter does indicate things will be strange in the Heavens, but doesn’t say exactly what. It could be planet X, but it could be just about anything. This one may be one of the best cases if memory serves.)

Psalm 46:2-3 (Poetic, but also prophetic about the day of the Lord.)

Psalm 83:13-15 (Seems to be a fairly common place event. Plus some believe Psalm 83 is about war)

Isaiah 2:10-22 (this seems fairly clear that the LORD Himself is appearing not a planet.)

Isaiah 14:1-13 (this is pretty clearly about an earthly ruler, then seems to switch to Satan. I haven’t studied it extensively, but I believe this is the general understanding.)

Isaiah 24:1-6, 24:17-20 (This one is definitely cataclysmic. I would guess that this is the state of the world once Antichrist has been dealt with, just before the Millennium reign begins. David Guzik seems to agree somewhat saying this is more or less the effects of the Great Tribulation. It seems to be very clear that this is result of man’s rebellion and God’s just punishment for such. The Tribulation has never been thought to involve a spatial object.

Whether or not God uses Planet X for this judgment or not, is debatable. The text doesn’t seem to suggest that any celestial object is responsible.

Isaiah 40:4 (I don’t know about this one, seems like a stretch to blame planet x. See Guzik’s commentary…

Ezekiel 38:19-20 (This mentions an Earthquake, no heavenly body.)

Micah 1:3-4; Nahum 1:5 (Both are very clearly talking about the presence of the LORD, not a mere planet)

Haggai 2:6-7; 2:21-23 (This one says the Lord will shake the Heavens and the earth. He COULD use Planet X, but it doesn’t give much detail. Seems more like a personal effort.)

Hebrews 12:25-28 (This speaks of God’s voice.)

Revelation 6:12-17 (definitely something going on here. Probably related to the Matthew 24 and Luke 21 stuff. But as you read further, it says that the LORD shows His face. Unless you want to equate God to Planet X, this doesn’t fly.)

Rev. 8 & 9 were discussed earlier.)

Rev. 11:13 (This seems to indicate an earthquake, not caused by planets. If anything, it seems to indicate a resurrection scenario involving the 2 witnesses. I would look into “earthquake resurrection” episode of Future Quake. Possibly, the earthquake is caused by the catching up of these saints. This is speculation on my part.)

Rev. 16:17-21 (This one could very well be plausible as Planet X. But in my opinion, sounds closer to a comet or just the “usual” fire from Heaven.

So, most of those are very plainly God showing Himself to people. Maybe one or two could possibly be collision from space. Even if it is from space, there are a bajillion asteroids and Kuiper belt objects out there. It doesn't have to be planet x, or a regular object that comes and goes.

Yes 0 – One or two verses don’t really make a good case for me. Even the few that MAY be a space object, doesn't mean its planet x or a quasi regular celestial body.

No 1 – most of the referenced verses seem to suggest that the LORD Himself appears. Suggesting that God is merely a planet would be blasphemous.

Other Odd Possibilities:

Now, let’s get to a few other odd ducks.

I heard an interview on A View From the Bunker with Derek Gilbert. He interviewed Doug Elwell about a book he wrote regarding a “Christian” view of Planet X.

He basically holds to the old universe theory, billions of years, gas swirling made planets, etc. Really old and young universe views are our best guesses, but i personally think Chuck Missler's view on a young universe is more believable. Basically, that the speed of light isn't constant, which means that light years may not be a good way to measure distance and time in space. It also casts the billions of years theory into serious doubt.

Listening to the interview left me feeling depressed, and reduced my hope in the coming of the Lord, the Resurrection and eternity. Mainly, his thoughts were that Planet X comes, pushes earth out of orbit into the sun and subsumes Earth’s orbit. Somehow, all of us saved by Christ get transported to planet x, while all the sinners end up in the lake of fir (aka, the sun).

It just didn’t sit right with me. Perhaps because it reeks of ancient astronauts and a continuation of this fallen universe, rather than EVERYTHING BEING CREATED NEW like the Bible says.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great and captivating show, I just had a bad taste from the data he shared. I’ve recovered since, and don’t want to be too harsh to Elwell, but I think he’s completely wrong. To me, the guest fell into the trap I spoke of earlier about science-izing God’s plan. Listen to the show, you’ll see what I mean.

I bring this episode up because Elwell suggests a few things. One is for sure false. He postulated that as you look at inner planets, Mercury and Venus, they are as planets should be, that is rotating with very little axial tilt. Their equators are near parallel with the ecliptic plain, suggesting they formed according to typical scientific planet formation theory. He suggested that as you go further out, the tilts become more prominent, suggesting that Planet X interfered and made the axis of each planet wobble and royally messed Uranus up.

But he’s wrong. Every 101 level Astronomy course student should know (i know, i was one) that Venus is actually UPSIDE DOWN. That is, it rotates the opposite direction of every other planet in the system. It’s almost a complete 180 from what it should be. If it formed like the swirling gas theory said, and if it hasn't been affected by previous planet x trips, then Venus should be going the same direction as everyone else.

It's not.

What’s more, Uranus’s tilt has recently been “solved” without the use of calamitous pass-by. How good this simulation is, is hard to say, but it at least casts the calamity theory/close-call-with-niburu theory into reasonable doubt, which used to be good enough for most courts of law.

Lastly, Elwell relies heavily on Zecharia Sitchin’s work related to the 12th Planet. Elwell’s use of the Sitchin’s work is compelling, but Sitchin’s work, especially related to a 12th planet/planet x is highly dubious and is quite thoroughly debunked in Dr. Michael Heiser’s work. ( Elwell should know this as he seems to be quite familiar with Heiser's work as well. Without attacking Elwell, he either forgot about Heiser's view on Sitchin or just ignored it.

I’ll leave it at that.

Yes 0 – (See no)

No 1 – Uranus tilt explained without close call, ignorance of Venus' rotation (Elwell clearly had that wrong) and frequent use of Sitchin’s work. ‘nuff said.


So, thus far I see only a few vague hints at possibilities for Planet X being in God’s plan and the Bible. NASA stats and one or two Bible verses that potentially indicate something awry, but these same verse don’t explicitly say that a planet will cause the problems. The best evidence, to me for a planet x is the IRAS data from the 80’s but that doesn’t indicate that a planet is en route to earth.

Things that completely spoil planet x on their own:

There’s already a lot of evidence that spoils the Planet X collision theory for me, but the last bits are key to laying this to rest.

1) The Kolbrin Bible. As Wiki says, it’s a supposedly “ancient” text supposedly talking about planet x. Thus far this has not been verified, and googling the Kolbrin Bible turns up very little of real historical value. I would love to see this on Dr. Heiser’s PaleoBabble. I did email Dr. Heiser, and he was gracious enough to answer my question about the Kolbrin Bible. I don't think he'd mind me paraphrasing him here, but he indicated to me that few researchers take Kolbrin very seriously. Keep in mind, that Dr. Heiser is an expert in ancient texts and debunking "paleobabble". His credentials are available on the sitchiniswrong website.

Adding my doubts about Kolbrin's authenticity is that it was possibly attached to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, which is basically a nonsense theory to start with. It's a theory that I believe (though haven't looked into) that Mormons use to justify some of their beliefs. Check out Chuck Missler's recent series on Hosea in the itunes - or 66/40 podcasts.

Another notch against the Kolbrin is that it is very highly marketed. Its website offers the book for sale, but not just that they also sell a few other things.

2 versions of the Kolbrin Bible, both of which are signed and one of which is leatherbound suggesting Collectiblity. Also:

Survival guides
CD/DVD sets
Lifetime subscriptions to newsletters.

Really? If Planet X is to destroy earth, possibly in 2012 like they suggest, why would you need collectible editions, or a lifetime subscription? What am I going to do with a lifetime subscription if I'm going to be atomized in about a year? And unless the collector's kolbrin bible is engraved in adamantium, i don't think it will retain much value after the cataclysm.

2) sitchin promoted planet x. Dr. Heiser has picked apart alot ofSitchin’s translations and a good chunk of his work. While Sitchin suggests Nibiru means a planet that crosses, Heiser correctly points out the flaws in Sitchin’s theories. Keep in mind that Dr. Heiser provides his credentials online, while Sitchin has never done such a thing. (And now he can’t.)

I read this article long ago, and it pretty much led me to completely discard the whole Planet X and collision theory. I think Dr. Heiser clearly establishes that Nibiru is not a planet crossing into the inner solar system, but rather a consistent, fixed point in the sky where planets or “a” planet crossed the sky. Add to this his whole treatment of Sitchin’s 12th planet hypothesis, and the idea that the Sumerians knew about a planet coming into the inner solar system goes right out the window.

3) Another piece of evidence that turns me off, and I’ll be brief, is that Richard Hoaglund postulated in his book “Dark Mission” that not only was there a large number of interplanetary civilizations in our system, but that there was also another planet that has yet to be detected.

To be fair, the book was really entertaining and did have a lot of good data in it. About Jack Parsons, NASA’s occult/Freemason stuff and I’m sure other things. Who knows, I may even buy the idea that there are buildings on Mars and the moon. Why not? I’m sure those can be explained Biblically. My problem though comes from how he determined there was another planet (and implying a planet x/niburu)

He deduced this not from observation, rather his idea comes from the fact that our solar system’s current amount of angular momentum doesn’t match the number of planets we have. Huh? Yes, he figured that there is 100% angular momentum in the system, but that the sun and the known planets don’t account for all of the angular momentum, therefore there’s another planetary body lurking about somewhere. This is partially what led me astray as well.

How does he know this? He uses an alleged Martian pyramid to somehow figure out a lot of mathematical stuff and he somehow compares this to James Clark Maxwell’s (unpublished) unmodified equations. He then did some weird experiments with spinning spheres and determined that they somehow affected each other. How is it the planets didn't affect the spheres? I don't know.

I could be wrong. I can’t say that I fully understand all of that, but the whole affair feels so pseudoscientific when it’s read. At any rate, I find that this is a very odd way to prove the existence of another planet.

4) To me, this is indeed the biggest reason not to believe that there is a huge planet or other object that swoops into the inner solar system, wreaks havoc and then leaves for 1000 – 3000 (it's never clear how long) years. According to Wikipedia, the source for this whole Nibiru collision stuff is the result of information obtained by someone channeling Gray ET’s!

Please refer to my Andreasson series, as well as Joe Jordan and Guy Malone's work for a better look at the Grays.

So, this lady received channels from ET. They told her a number of lies as they are wont to do, chief among them being that Nibiru would crash into earth in May of 2003. They also claimed that Hale-Bopp was not real, which I know is a lie because I saw it through thick cloud cover for several days. True to form, the collision never happened, and it was revealed that “it had been a lie to fool the establishment.” It seems she, or others have used this as their opportunity to milk the 2012 cash cow. Her and Blossom Goodchild should get together.

Another ulterior motive here is that the grays, aka demons, gave this out as a way to explain away the birth pangs pointing to Christ’s return. After all, if a large planet is on the way, one would expect seas roaring, earthquakes, increase in temperatures etc. Planet X is a perfect scapegoat to explain away signs of Christ’s return.

In Matthew 24, Jesus gave signs of His return to earth. These are likely the creation groaning to be set free and redeemed by the Creator. But many people are ignoring the signs that Jesus Christ is coming back SOON and blaming it on a mundane, yet deadly, astronomical phenomena. The earthquakes, weather, etc. IT'S BECAUSE JESUS IS COMING SOON! Not because of planet x.

It’s telling that the channeler had tried to attach her theory to Sitchin’s 12th planet, and even he rejected her claims. Since then, it seems the theory has continued to live on, much like the yearly email I get that says “Mars will be so close to earth it will be the size of the moon.”

What else could I say about her information other than it’s completely wrong?

So, where, on Planet X, am I now?

While I do not reject, and could buy into, Planet X as a brown dwarf existing in the far reaches of the solar system, I don’t think I can believe that there’s one (or a regular visiting destructive object) on a collision course with the inner solar system. The few Biblical “proof for Nibiru collision” verses more often than not seem to refer to God Himself appearing. The one or two that are possible contenders are hardly solid in my own interpretation. I haven’t done a solid search into Bible verses and planet x myself, beyond what was given to me above, but I don’t think there’s any verse that would support it. We all know what happens when you build doctrine on one or two verses taken out of context. You get stuff like the New Apostolic Reformation or Harold Camping.

The other Christian views I hear supporting a Planet X collision don’t hold enough water for me. I would contend that some of the verses that I think are possible collision-connected, at most are a one-off comet or an asteroid, but when possible, I would like to think that when God expounds His wrath, He’ll do it personally. God is a personal God. He became a person (Jesus Christ) to save us from our sins, so I can’t see Him using an impersonal method like a planet/comet collision to punish us. I can’t rule it out, but it doesn’t seem likely. Never mind the fact that a collision with a comet or an asteroid doesn’t necessarily have to be in the Bible or earth threatening for God to allow it as a judgment.

Add to this, the deceptive origins and supporters of the Planet X collision, namely channeling and Zecharia Sitchin. The Kolbrin Bible, in my opinion is merely capitalizing on the growing 2012 hysteria and tying it into garbage that came before.

Lastly, the scientific data doesn’t support it. The IRAS find is the best evidence in my opinion, and even that is inconclusive. Not to mention that NOBODY can agree on a proper orbit for the thing. Doug Elwell said he’s trying to find out if it’s 1000 years or 2000 years, while Sitchin gave us 3600 years. Everyone else is just making numbers up to line up with a 2012, the plagues of Moses, the parting of the Red Sea, and on and on. At least Sitchin settled on a number.

I also hear we can't ever see it until it's too late because it's below the ecliptic, visible only from the southpole, and being covered up. OR, it's always on the other side of the sun being covered up, ready to pounce any day.

Which is it?

Combine that lack of good scientific data, and channelled information, throw in a couple of good sounding Bible verses and you've built a pretty high tower with a foundation of sand.

In the end, here’s my score tally

Yes, Planet X or something else was predicted by the ancients and the Bible and is totally coming to destroy us – 1 point

No, I don't care about any of this, now stop bothering me – 3 points

I suppose I could have tracked more points, but as it is, my thoughts are that the proof pointing to a Planet X is highly dubious. The only thing in it favor are a few vague Bible verses and a NASA statistic.

Keep in mind, it is always possible to have something horrible come from space, but I don’t think the current theories about the ancients predicting it are worth anything.

Even without the world ending by a regular collision with a comet or planet, the world is going to end (and be reborn as a New Heaven and a New Earth, free from sin and the curse) eventually, Jesus is coming soon and if you haven’t accepted Christ as Lord and savior, it’s all over anyways. God is coming to judge and punish the effects of Satan’s rebellion, so please turn to Jesus before then. Anyone who doesn't will be cast into the lake of fire with Satan. Anyone who does accept Christ will be resurrected into the New Earth to enjoy fellowship with God FOREVER!

He loves you, just accept and follow Jesus, then you can escape the end of the world, brought on by planet x or otherwise.

UPDATE 7-10-11

It seems that many are thinking Comet Elenin will be achieving much the same purpose. Like Hale-Bopp before it, some even say that a UFO is with it. We know full well that Hale-Bopp and the UFO attached to Hale-Bopp was a fraud, why would Elenin be any different? Satan has few new tricks, and I would be fairly certain that there is no UFO with Elenin. IF a UFO does appear in conjunction with Elenin, you can bet that it is a deception. See my Betty Andreasson series for a Christian view of aliens, or go to the CE4 link on the side.

Update 8-15-11

Just listened to this interview, and he presents some interesting arguments for some sort of calamity befalling us due to "elenin". I am presently unsure where I fall on this interview, but please make your own decisions after praying about it to the Lord. (Update 7-2012, the interview is complete BS)

I just finished listening to this. It was weird. The interviewee seemed angry, I don't blame him I guess since he thinks the world is ending in 3 weeks, but I just don't know what to think. On one hand, he really seems to be wholly convinced that what he says is true. But I checked out his website of links and there doesn't really seem to be any real "smoking gun: the only thing keeping me from totally dismissing him is that he's not selling anything, but instead urging people to safety.

Take a listen, pray and see what the Lord says to you.

Remember, Christ's return is soon. Repent, give your life to Him, the Son of God. He died for our sins, and rose again from the dead. Repent, and follow Him...Jesus Christ.

Update 8-18-11

So, here's a good link, which essentially debunks terralo3's claims the elenin is a satellite of a brown dwarf.

Abovetopsecret, also makes mention that Byron Glenn (who is oft mentioned by terral) is not really affiliated with terral or going to the ozark caves. So, IMO, elenin still looks like a non even, but keep an eye anyways.

Another update, date unknown.

Chris white debunking. Elenin

UPDATE 10-14-11

So, TerralO3 was wrong, like I suspected. But, in addition, Russ Dizdar weighs in on Wormwood here:

This series, Russ has some good talk, he has a convincing argument that Revelation 8 is depicting an impact of some sort. I will concede that Revelation 8 could be an impact, BUT as Russ points out it doesn't end the world. I could buy this sort of destructive impact, but not before then. The wormwood happens some time after the fourth trumpet (the green horse) and the opening of the abyss is number 5. So, listen to Russ, but don't worry about rogue space objects until the first four trumpets have happened.

And as i said earlier, Wormwood in Chpt 8 is probably different than the star in Chpt 9.

Sorry for all the updates on this, but the topic is evolving quite often. But at least you can see how wrong I am, and how important your own study and comments are.

Update 7-31-12


  1. planet x is dwarf planet also known as the tenth planet. It comes into orbit near our neighboring planets every 3600 years. scientists studied the earth and found that every 3600 years or so the earth climate changes dramatically aka polor shifts. as for planet x hitting us i dont believe that will happen unless its course has changed since the last time it passed. NASA discovered it in the 80's i believe. the word leaked out and the then the topic died out after a short amount of time. i do believe scientists estimated when that planet x passed by around the time noah built his arc when God flooded earth. i don't know for sure if it exists im just someone who found the topic and got interested in it. this is some of the things i have read on the topic.

  2. We all belong to God and it's his earth,there is no monition of only some will live, Yes read the bible, there is some thing coming and it has to do with God, only he could make this happen.........

  3. amen, God is the driving factor behind it all, and He is coming SOON!

  4. today surely you will start to understand but you must pray and wait and christ will give you understanding on the matter plus more, first i will make some statements and run around little so that when you read ezekiel you can under stand. the temple at the end christ kingdom in heaven which is and is to come note the gates are planets and some of the vision they are working out of this temple. chapter 1 wheels are stars and planets the angles in heaven our brothers came from the first two we are part of gods second 4 earth like planets two are gone two are here two soon be gone with a new heaven and earth to come. ezekiel speaks of two different israels both have strayed. note also he speaks of two stars one planet thats beryl with that star and one thats beryl with that star. this is all i will say for now the end times will be revealed if you study even alien take over of earth, destruction of a planet, which is cast on earth , now read ezekiel again, again read revelations again again wait pray