Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Freedom from Pornography

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Yes, yet another topic you don't talk about in church, yet many people in the pews are victim of.

I should try to do an article about this, but haven't been sure about how to do it. In the meantime, here's a link to help you get free from porn. Revelations Radio network did a podcast on this and this link is from there. Check out the below links.



If yound this using some of my keywords below, please check those links out and consider that pornography is an addiction. If you have this addiction, God can help you stop. Ask Him to help you. Ask Jesus Christ into your life, accept what He did on the cross and believe in His resurrection. This will make you right with God. As ask God for forgiveness for this, and other sins ask Him to help you overcome this addiction. I can't promise immediate results, but you can take the right steps today.

Update 6/8/12

Many people in porn may be there due to human trafficking. While it deserves a better look than this, here is a resource that helps victims of human trafficking.

Free for Life


They help victims of Human Trafficking (modern day slavery), something that Jesus would definitely be for.

I guess the best things that can be done to help

* awareness (become aware, inform others)
* prayer (against human trafficking, salvation of victims and even perpetrators. Exposure and justice)

* financially (they accept donations which are tax deductable. Even $10/month can be used to great effect)

Interview with the founder:

Future Quake



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