Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Japan earthquake

I know I'm behind the times here, but for anyone who visits here and wants to help victims of the fukushima quake I have a link for you. I heard james on future quake, or some other Revelations radio podcast and he has a way people can donate money to help the quake victims. I also heard he has ties to a local church in the area affected by the quake.

So if you feel led to help the japanese quake victims, you can check out:

He also has a link that goes directly to the church if you'd rather do that. So, give a helping hand and perhaps the gospel can reach japan which is considered an unreached people group. Only 2% or less of japanese people in japan are considered Christian.

Please keep them in your prayers, and consider helping them thru the Fuzzy radio link.


Update 10-31-11

Bible in Japanese

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