Monday, June 13, 2011

revised Ramble-thon

We're all going through rough times, and I think that as time progresses it will only get worse. At least until Jesus returns. I can't even express how much I'm looking forward to that.

First I would like to thank Tom Dunne of PrayerWatch Radio (on the Revelations Radio Network) for his podcast the other day. The episode was about increasing our faith. Long story short, I needed to hear it and it helped me alot. If you haven't listened to it, go check it out. It was an awesome episode and his reading of Hebrews 11 was timely.

While you're at it, please also pray for me to have more faith as well. I'm in the middle of a trial, a small one by God's standards, but for me it's huge. I have been praying steadily for something to happen, but it's not yet occured. And I realize that perhaps God doesn't want it to occur. At any rate, please pray for God's will to be done in this situation, and that He will grow my faith and the faith of others.

I've also been reading "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. This book is amazing. Go buy it. He has renewed my sense of awe, wonder and imagination about Heaven and what we will all do there. I can't even begin to answer the questions he's raised there. It's a Biblical look at what Heaven and the New Earth and Randy dispels many of the myths that we've built up in our walls of Churchianity. I could review it, but what's the point? GO READ IT! If you want to know what Heaven is like, or might be like, this is the book for you. The Bible is obviously better, but he takes everything from the Bible anyways.

Lastly, I found out that a Christian friend of mine, his wife is a Yoga teacher. I sent him some of what I've written here and he and I disagree on Yoga. He thinks it's purely exercise. Please pray for him and his wife that they will see Yoga for what it is, repent and reject it. Hindus maintain that all Yoga develops Kundalini energy and/or is the worship of Brahma. The physical and the spiritual are intertwined.

That's all I have for now. Please keep me in prayer. Hopefully I'll have a miracle to report. And if I don't, the miracle will be that God carried me through this situaion.


Update 6-18-11

I'm working on very long piece for here, stay tuned! I hope that it will be of great value and be a resource to answer skeptics and atheists. Of course, people who want to remain unbelievers will deny any explanation if their hearts are hard,but my hope and prayer is that it will open a few eyes.

Hang in there everyone!

I hope we can be together with the Lord soon! Keep looking up!

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