Friday, January 6, 2012

Apologies in order

Hi, I've recently been informed that one of my links, New Age Deception, went to a site that was not the one I intended.

My apologies, and I hope that no one was misled by this. The correct link should be

And of course, my biggest apologies should be to Gaz Parker for linking folks to the wrong site!

Additionally a few others were wrong or entered incorrectly, but should be fixed. Let me know if they take you somewhere weird!

Lastly, I apologize for the delay in posting new material. I could make excuses, but two legitimate reasons are: 1) I am working on a small project for somebody that will drain some of this time away and 2) the current topic of dispensationalism, and particularly this week's topic make it hard to be accurate, so I'm trying to be extra careful. There are folks on both sides, (WAAAYYY to supportive of Israel and military action in the area to help them and folks that think the Church has replaced Israel and that Jews are evil) and I'm trying to avoid either extreme, which is hard.

So, stay tuned and expect minor delays for the present. Also pray that God lead me in the best use of my time.


  1. Hi Frank,

    No apologies necessary from my side. I'm not looking to debate the subject anymore anyway,like I said a while back. I have come to the conclusion I really don't care what people choose to believe anymore,except for my husband,whom I live in harmony with best when we see things eye-to-eye!

    The internet has entirely lost it's appeal to me,as far as having nameless,faceless people to talk to. I only ventured into it for a brief time,and the novelty of it has worn off. Who knows who is behind any of this anymore?

    I am confident those seeking truth will continue to do so,and those inspired to teach will continue to do so,whatever the venue. How people can read the same things and come away with so many variations boggles my mind. I leave it to God to judge the heart and weigh our intents and abilities as He sees fit.

    This subject of Israel has been a huge discouragement to me,as well as a verification of the insidious use of the term "anti-semitic". By discouragement,I mean,because Christians are so divided on the issue. I have even given up on trying to understand anything much beyond what I already do. I am weary of it. Whatever will be,will be.

    I go with this,from Ecclesiastes 12:13

    "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."

    I hope and pray that as things speed up and the world teeters more precariously than ever that we all make the best use of our time that we can and be prepared to know what we stand for and why,and to stand on our faith no matter how hard it may be tested.

    Because it all comes down to faith,doesn't it? Who or what do we believe? It comes from choosing to have faith in this or that interpretation,this or that teacher,or just our own methods and information gathered for the time being,all subject to change.

    Keeping it simple is all I want to do now.

    I hope you get a lot from your studies,whatever you come up with. I won't be back to comment,but I pray you are led of His Spirit in all you do. May He bless you and keep you in His peace.


  2. P.S.

    Especially insidious is the term "anti-semitic" coming from Christians who are supposed to be above judging what is in one's heart,for one thing,and to accuse anyone of anything to do with Racism from a group that screams "Jews First!!"

    I think there is a real disconnect somewhere. We ought to be praying for ALL people. If I wasn't already a Christian,I would think these people were more concerned about Race than what Christ did on the cross for us all. (I guess I am more of a New Testament/New Covenant Christian.) I actually thing some Christians are more on the side of those who crucified Christ than Christ Himself,without realizing it.

    But as I said,what others think is their business. God will judge us accordingly and I'll leave it at that. I don't have it all correct either,for sure,so I pray His mercy to make up for what I lack!

    Same for us all...

    In Christ's name,the name above all names...


  3. Thanks for the comments sandie.

    You are wise to question the status quo, and don't stop. Stay true to the Bible and not what men say, I will freely admit I can be wrong too.

    I've found that the more prophecy books I read, the more confused I become, the only way I'm finding any truth is in the Bible.

    That said, I'm endeavoring to find truth here, and that's why I'm taking so long with this topic.

    I don't think. We should blindly accept ANYTHING we see going on, or give anyone "exceptionalism" status. American, Israeli whatever.

    Just remember, whether or not Israel is THE Israel or not, God has allowed them to exist for whatever reason. God is Sovereign, and nothing goes by unless He allows it.

    Peace, and hope to see you soon!