Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tebow, or Not Tebow? That is the Question.

Taking a break in research for a moment, here's my random tebow thoughts, finally congealing into something that resembles coherence. Not that anyone has asked for them. I didn't really even have any until today. I don't want to berate the man, just urge him to exercise caution.

My caution for him, not that anyone cares, would be that the media loves to lift people up, then waits for them to fall. Tebow's up high now, he better make sure he's walkin the walk in his private life, cause if he slips up, pulls a scandal or two, it will make us all look bad.

My other two cents, in general on the guy is for him to be cautious that some of this isn't show (remember Matthew 6:5-7). There is a time and place for public prayer, but I'm not 100% sure that Tebow is either right or wrong in his displays. He is being criticized by atheists (ironically using the verse I quoted) for putting on a show. But at the same time we're not to put our light under a basket. How else can he glorify God for his abilities if not publibly? So, I guess I would advise him to exercise balance and wisdom. If he's following the Spirit's lead, great! If he's just increasing it with the media coverage, well...

Ultimately, it's between tebow and God. If it's all for show, then God already knows. Some questions to consider:

Are people getting saved because of this?

Or are people just going to superficially tack on to tebow because he's doing an "in thing"?

Yes people are googling the 3:16, but what will come of it?

Are we ascribing too much in the fact the he had a game of 316 yards? Much the same way people find Jesus or Mary in a burnt piece of toast? Or is God really using it?

May God's will be done here, and may we critically look at Tebow, without degrading him. Glorigy God, not the one serving Him.


  1. You are right to sound the caution alarm. Satan is always waiting in the wings for us to stumble. First and foremost, Tim Tebo is doing the right thing by taking a stand and giving public testimony of Jesus. We are called to be transparent about He that motivates us. Tebow is experiencing the scorn and hatred that Jesus said we will experience when being His disciple. I saw a news clip the other day which angered me, because they discounted God as having an impact on these wins, but said it may be due to Tebo's patient, optimistic and supportive "management style." How incredibly dense can you be? How do you think Tebo gets these qualities, but for the fact he is a disciple of Christ?

    The danger for Tebo is the fact he will be exalted by the public and he must maintain humility so that people know that God is working through him. Similar to Cornelius falling to Peter's feet in reverence (Acts 10:25-26) so to will the public seek to elevate Tebo and minimize God.

    The best thing I heard Tebo pray was for God to give him the grace to glorify Him regardless of the outcome of the game, win or lose. That is a most excellent attitude. God uses even Denver's losses, so that people will make their stand against someone of faith and thus be humbled when Denver pulls off an upset. I find it interesting that Denver's game crucial plays are passes or some play that places focus away from the QB.

    Can Denver take it much further? I am unsure, but I can't help feel a little twinge of glee as I see arrogant and prideful people have to eat crow with every Denver win.

  2. Thanks hopeful. Indeed.

    I have a friend who's a football fan, and I broached the tebow thing with him, and he said denver would lose soon! I think he favors another team, so he has some bias.

    1. As my name states, I am a hopeful watcher :-)

      I am for the Ravens and Denver has got me so exited I am half hoping they go all the way to the superbowl. Everyone loves a long shot. It only took one stone aimed with the accuracy of God for David to slay goliath. You never know, David may of had a throwing arm as bad as Tebow's.