Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is America a Christian Nation?

Taking another quick break from Israel and dispensationalism.

One of the greatest idols eliminated from my life, years ago, and one of the largest lies believed by many in the body of Christ is this: America is a Christian nation.

Indeed, it is made up of many sincere Christians. It does also have some Christian roots in the Pilgrims, and a few places here and there. Some of our best schools (Harvard if memory serves) began as a Bible college.

But unfortunately, believing America to be Christian, often leads us to believe that we are "exceptional", that we have a divine right to plunder the resources of other nations, or start unjust wars.

It also doesn't help that our politicians compete to see who says "God" the most, and sells themselves as Christians, when often their lives don't echo this.

I once elected people to office because they were "Christian" and emphasized traditional family values, and promised to work against abortion. Yet they never did. Instead, they often acted in a non-Christian manner.

Luckily, God has helped me understand that, although America has some very godly people in it, is not necessarily God's chosen people, or a Christian nation. This was hard for me to accept, but as I look at Jesus, His life and what He has called us to do, i see our American life at odds with the Gospel in many ways.

This does not mean God hasn't blessed us, or that I'm unpatriotic. America is (or was) a place of freedom, and God loves Americans as much as anyone else, so long as we come to Jesus, and accept His death and resurrection for our sins.

Below are some great podcasts that prove why America is not a Christian nation, although there are many good Christians here.


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