Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let's do this one by the Book. God's Book.

With all of what’s going on in the world, I just wanted to write a small post today. There are riots all over the Muslim world, and Palestine and Israel are fighting, again. Some nutcase is burning Korans and making it seem that this is something that Christians support. I apologize if any Muslims are offended by this man's actions, please know that he does NOT represent true Christians in what He is doing. A true Christian should be trying to make peace and spread the Good News about Jesus.

The world has seen better times, and it will be seeing worse times before long I think. But then, after that happens, we will see the best times ever.

At any rate, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of readers of this blog in the Muslim world recently. I’m not sure what parts you guys are reading, or what brought you here. I hope you’re enjoying it and that it helps you in some way. I do want to welcome any Muslims here in the name of the Lord Jesus, may God bless you in His name.

I don’t know if you are Christians in the Muslim world reading this, or Muslims looking to learn more about Jesus. In any event, I hope that you have been enjoying the blog and that it brings you closer to the Living God. For any of you that are Muslims this post is for you.

If you are a Muslim and want to know more about Jesus or want to know how REAL Christians feel about Jesus, I recommend a few resources for you.

1) Fouad Mosri (spelling? Sorry!) Runs "the Crescent Project" a group that meets Muslims where you are at and shares the truth about Jesus.

2) Carl Medaris is an author who has done missions with Muslims. I can't recall the title of his book, but you can search his name on amazon, or go to and search their "past shows" to download an audio interview with him

3) Nabeel Jabbour has a book called "the crescent through the eyes of the cross". Nabeel is an Egyptian Christian who loves Jesus and loves Muslims.

And last, I have a blog post here:

Peace be upon you and may God bless your search

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