Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Hi all,

This week's post is short. I want to take a week or two of for some housekeeping things here, at home and everywhere else. That is, I'm going to go back and edit some pieces here, and need to just take a breather. It seems like a really good time for a good old Jubilee/Sabbath so I'll take it.

But, there are a few things.

First, now is the time we celebrate when our Lord Jesus was crucified, died, buried and He rose again. So, in this season, let's remember that and think of what it means for us here and now. How He died to pay the penalty for our sins, and now sits at God's right hand and how He will return soon.

Secondly, I've got something that was just laid on my heart. The term "unreached peoples". This means that a certain people group has less than 2% Christian population. I guess, I just want to ask you to pray for those who are unreached, that God will break the spiritual bonds preventing them from hearing or responding to the Gospel. Also pray that hearts and minds will be open to hearing about, and receiving Christ.

Specific areas to pray for:

Japan - Earthquake, but also that people will come to Christ and that spiritual bonds will be broken.

Iran, India and Pakistan - That Muslims and Hindus will come to know Jesus and that the Gospel will be spread.

Myanmar, Thailand and China - That the power of Christ's victory will tear down Buddhist strongholds and that people will have a chance to hear the Gospel and that their ears and hearts will be open to Him.

So, please lift those groups up in prayer and any other groups that you can think of.

Lastly, I wanted to take this time to research some topics more in depth before writing about them here. The reason being is the topics I want to look at are not quite so cut and dry. That is, it's very debatable whether or not the things are a danger to Christians. Qi Gong and Yoga, it's pretty easy to see that they are very New Age or Occult. But what about Tai Chi, or other martial arts? What about acupuncture? Some even have gone so far as to say that even chiropractic care is New Age or occult. Herbal medicine might be seen as occult, yet those same folks who cry that may be OK with something like Prozac, which in my opinion is more dangerous spiritually than say an herbal remedy for something else. Yet because Prozac is "mainstream" western medicine it's "OK".

So, some upcoming topics (and I hope I recall them later)

Alternative medicine - acupuncture, herbal medicine, chiropractic
Martial arts - Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Kung Fu
Dinosaurs pt 2 - Behemoth, dinosaurs in general, megafauna
The Book of Enoch - 'nuff said
Cryptozoology - actual undiscovered creatures, how it's a doorway to the oocult
Animals - do pets go to Heaven, animals in general
Time travel - is it possible, has it happened,
Quantum physics - Multiverse, how its being used to promote the occult, how it can be used to scientifically prove the Gospel and the Bible (for the really good stuff on that though, go listen to Chuck Missler)

take care, and God bless. I'll be back soon, hopefully with better posts in the past and some in the future

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