Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still on hiatus

So, it's taking longer to edit than I, I'll work harder!

Just finished updating the testimony, boy that is super long. I could make it shorter, but it's at least of value for me to get it out and put things in perspective. Looking back, it makes it so clear where I went wrong. I hope that people find it valuable, despite its length. I hope it's clear that God can take someone who's screwed up in alot of ways and still use them as long as we repent, and truly submit to Him.

So, hopefully I will get caught up soon.

In other news, been listening to a ton of podcasts, check out Andrew Hoffman's Propaganda talk over at Revelations Radio (in itunes or their website). I also listened to some UFO podcasts, more of the same New Age jibba jabba. I don't think I really want to get into it. One show had a guy talking about grey aliens stealing our souls. He claimed that he's not religious, yet for more than 2 hours, he slavishly promoted what LA Marzulli calls the Alien Gospel. It sounded like a religion to me.

There was another disturbing podcast i listened to, and it had some high profile lady on there, and...I really don't want to talk about it.

For anyone interested in Ghost hunting, go over to "Face Like The Sun's" blog, He did an awesome video on ghosthunters. We have some differing conclusions, but that's OK. I really like what he did.

Nothing else right now, I'm making some headway on the acupuncture thing, so hopefully I will have something solid soon.

Oh, and congrats to Prince William and his bride. I don't really care to pry too much into their private lives, or read the magazine, or even watch anything about it. I got too much to do, and already don't get that done.

Anyways, your highness I wish you the best of luck in your marriage and pray that God blesses you both and brings you to know Him. May He also give you wisdom and compassion to be a good and just ruler when the time comes. I pray also that He allows you both and your marriage to be blessed in Christ's name.

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