Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Treats, and a Trick

Growing up, we celebrated Halloween maybe one time. My mom, though not a Christian (that i know of), thought it was too demonic. Somehow, i didn't really care much not celebrating it. We did carve pumpkins even when we didn't "celebrate" it, but it was very low-key.

It wasn't until I was a "grown up" that i really celebrated it. Oddly, it was even after I had become a believer in Christ! Actually, it was after I began attending the Presbyterian church, not that it was their fault, there were other factors at work.

I had been invited to a Halloween party by a coworker and went, then in costume i went to the singles group session where we were voting on leaders for the group, and i was elected to the board. Following that, one of our first events with me as event planner was to go to a haunted house. The following year, we had a Halloween event in the church.

Why am I telling all of this?

I guess it has alot to do with the fact that aside from a few comments, no one really thought there was anything wrong with celebrating Halloween, and no one challenged me about it either.

So? It's just harmless fun, right?

I had originally planned to research and delve into the history and origins, and why it's not something we Christians should partake in. But i think i want to inform, then give some advice.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, and duplicate what others have done before me, why not refer you to one of the best? Chuck Missler's current series is on Halloween, and he presents basically what I would have wanted to. He also has articles.

Chuck Missler on Halloween

And Infowars' take on Halloween

Here's a couple more general ones.

So what can we do about it? Celebrate or not celebrate? First, we can thank God for what He's done, and that He has the victory over Satan through His work on the Cross through Jesus Christ.

Second, we can pray against these dark things and powers. See the Prayer Watch show on the Revelations Radio Network.

Third, go ahead and hand candy out. Wait, WHAT?! That's right give them candy. With the candy, you can hand out Gospel tracts. I like the following site because you can actually download them, rather than request them or go thru some convoluted process to get them. And they are FREE!

So, use Halloween as your Mars Hill moment, and spread the Gospel one candy bar at a time. Pray for a huge harvest...of souls!

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