Monday, October 17, 2011

Open Challenge to Open Minds Radio and Magazine

Years ago, I began listening to "UFO Thinktank" with Alejandro Rojas. I enjoyed it, but it led me back into the ET is real and from space viewpoint and derailed my Christian faith partially. This show eventually morphed into "Open Minds Radio" and magazine. Both of these are well done, and have good information and evidence. Alejandro Rojas. Sounds like a super-cool nerdy guy, like me and he usually makes a good connection with his guests. On the show, Alejandro is willing to dismiss questionable sightings rather than accept every single light as aliens, so he gets some points there too.However, Open Minds is biased, and thus should not be called "Open Minds".

They support only the ETI (intelligent alien visitors from other planets) viewpoint and have yet to have on a guest that claims otherwise. (They may have had Nick Redfern on with his "Final Events" book, but I can't recall and nick is sort of on their page anyways. Nothing against nick either) So, knowing that their view is slanted should be a warning for those who check them out. They will lead you away from Biblical truth and into New Age or other viewpoints. I do not recommend anyone listen to them, unless you are fully armored up in the Lord's armor and sound in your walk.

So, that said this is my challenge to Open Minds and Alejandro Rojas. If you really have "Open Minds", then let's see some folks on the show and in the magazine who have good sound evidence that ET's are demonic in origin, and can be stopped in the name above all names, Jesus Christ. Joe Jordan alone has HUNDREDS of testimonies attesting to this.

This interview should be done in the same good spirit, and respect that all of your other interviews are done in, and the guest should be given adequate time to present their views and evidence. If Open Minds interviews the following guest I will buy 2 consecutive years of Open Minds Magazine subscriptions.

Joe Jordan

Alejandro, you're a great guy, but please let's prove Open Minds is what it is by interviewing folks with a view different than your own. I don't want to beat you up, but let's see Open Minds, open up further.

Update 10-19-11

Alejandro Has accepted the challenge. He knows Joe and said he will have him on. I will update this with a link to the show or info on how to get it. Also, I modified the challenge to what he accepted, which is Joe Jordan.

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