Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Predictions

Here's my disclaimer. This is not an infallible prediction, nor is it a prophecy, or a "thus saith the Lord." This is me, making a haphazard crapshoot on what i think will happen in 2012. This is based on trends that i think i see. So, please feel free to comment and share your own thoughts and predictions.

This is all wild speculation, for fun, but also somewhat serious based on serious information and possibilities given the current situation.

I am not a prophet, don't stone me if i'm wrong.

1) First, politics. Boy is it ugly. My first thought is Obama's approval rating probably ain't that good, so unless he has an epic campaign again, i can't see him winning. The birth certificate thing, while However, given the republican line up, i think he'd probably win. Herman Cain seems to have been taken out. Donald Trump is a joke, and no one likes Newt.

Here's what i think. America is finally wising up to "the man" or the fact that our two party system is not only corrupt, it's unfixable. There's Occupy meetings everywhere, the TSA is getting out of hand, etc. etc.

So, remember how Obama was hyped up in the news media, then he got voted in? I think this is happening in the independent media for Ron Paul. He's being "shunned" by the mainstream press, which is building his street cred and anti-establishment mystique. He's also the darling of everyone who's fed up with everything. So, he'll build the grass roots support he needs, and that Ralph Nader fantasizes about.

And Ron Paul will become the next president, with Jesse Ventura as VP.

Together they'd be unstoppable. But even with those two in office, nothing would change. Which is why I'm writing in Captain America with Dante Forston's group.

If the right-left wing flapping keeps happening, expect the losing side to grow even more resentful. If repub wins, dems will complain, and so the opposite if Obama wins again.

2) Mayan Calender/Return of Nephilim gods, etc.

This one's a toughie. On one hand, you have not only the Mayan calender but other occult calenders "ending" in 2012 as well. At least according to Tom Horn. This is assuming that he hasn't done some creative number work to end up at this conclusion. He's also got some theories outlined in his book (Apollyon Rising). There are other Christians as well who feel that 2012 will have some interesting events including any number of things. One of the weirdest is a return of "the gods" (fallen angels/nephilim)

I don't know what to think. On one hand, you have a bunch of pagan and New Age sources, which are demonically inspired, pointing to some huge event in the next year. We all know the Bible forbids consulting mediums and fortune telling, etc.

On the other, you have Christians saying similar stuff, and sort of buying into it and putting a Christian spin on it.

I will concede that we are being conditioned to accept something amazing, perhaps like a "god". There's alot of movies (more than 300 movies since the 50's about aliens) and also stuff like Thor, X-men, and the Immortals. But does that mean fallen angels and/or nephilim are coming back? Does it mean 2012 will see that?

I don't know. I don't want to put any stock in demonic sources or science fiction. I think 2012 will have a definite increase in paranormal activity, and occult stuff. Probably more people getting demonized casually and deliberately. And more normalization of paranormal things.

Sadly, i think Christians will continue to get caught up in it. You wouldn't believe how many Christians are doing Yoga or Qigong. One of the most popular searches getting people here is "Christian qigong". There's also "Christian" people like Perry Stone selling books on new age dream techniques. So, more Christians getting into it.

2011 has seen a huge increase in interest in the paranormal. The last few years teen paranormal romance novels have taken off. Ghosthunters and UFO stuff is also off the hook.

So, this trend will continue, with many outside of the Church being drawn in, but also many in the Church will also add some occult to their faith. But i don't think there will be a culmination, or anything else to really worry about in 2012.

3) The Economy

I think the EU will probably dissolve. What i think will happen, based on nothing really, is that the economically strong nations of Europe will abandon the lesser nations and re-form into a ten state EU. Maybe this is the "beast" kingdom, maybe it's only meant to make us think it is. This is a wild shot out there.

I think America will default, unless we can keep things going until after the election. What this means? Lawlessness probably. Along with the persecution of Christians. Perhaps America will start to become a communist state. Better watch "If Footmen Tire you, what Will Horses do?"

Generally, i expect we'll see an increase in general lawlessness (I hope i'm wrong) for any number of reasons. The economy, black awakening (or similar kind of thing).

4) Christianity

I think some interesting things are coming to us. I think true believers will begin to see some persecution, while fringe stuff like Dominionism and "blab it and grab it" stuff will gain precidence.

5) World War III

The middle east is nearing a boiling point, we see wars and rumors of wars everywhere. Iran recently shot one of our drones down (supposedly). The whole region is poised for war. Alpert Pike/Manly P Hall said (I heard this on Future Quake long ago) that they needed 3 World Wars, then they could bring out their "world leader." Is it actually true? Who know, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see an official escalation of war into Wolrd War III. Or perhaps we've been in it and have called it the war on terror. Just a thought.


  1. My personal view on the Mayan December 21, 2012 date is that this is the devil's date. The Mayan people could hardly be holding anything resembling prophetic truth given that they performed human sacrifices, but it is propaganda that Satan would use. The December Mayan date is significant only in the fact that it is widely known date of doom and whether people believe it or not, there is curiosity and some trepidation around this date.

    When the world is immersed in wwiii and it is going to hell in a hand-basket, people will be so afraid of this date, they will readily accept any savior who presents themselves, including the AC.

    The Mayan date is the world's most telegraphed punch to the jaw.

  2. One of the best & correct Biblical response post On-UFOs-Abductions-Alien-Human Hybrids (aka Nephilim Hybrids)I've read...I praise God for all that is pleasing to Him in this & thanx. But question: you have a link on side regarding New Age Deception & when I click on it seems to be pro Catholicsm. I'm assuming you shared b/c the post has good & revelant info on New Age, but ('assuming' that I'm not in error when I say its pro-Catholic; I should really double check to make sure I was just not reading a contributing comment, rather than the Blog owner)...isnt that like given medicine w/ a bit of poison? Catholicism incoroporates much man made religion & false doctrine...along side 'some' (and personally I think very few) biblical truth.

  3. Thanks, and to God be the glory! If u can, can u lift those who read the article up to God in prayer?

    that's odd on new age deception. I haven't been there in a while. If I recall correctly, that's Gaz Parker's blog and I never knew him to be pro-Catholic. let me check it out.

    as I recall he was a spirit medium who came to Christ, and was featured on one of Chris White's shows. Still, it bears investigating. Thanks!

  4. My apologies, somehow I put the wrong link in there!

    Thank you!