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UFOs and Abductions part 2: What do Christians say About Physical Evidence

None of this is really my original idea, as i think this is basically a summary of watching too much X-Files, 4 years of listening to Future Quake, Russ Dizdar, LA Marzulli, and a lifetime of reading and studying about UFOs and conspiracies. It's really just a melange of thoughts on just about everything i've ever come across. So, none of this is new.

This is the second version of this article. The first version, i don't know what happened, but it focused more on my working, half-(expletive deleted) theory on who was responsible. Quite honestly, I have 0 evidence, and it really doesn't matter WHO is the human party(ies) involved. What does matter, and what some Christians overlook, is that there is physical evidence of "alien" abductions.

Satan has quite often in his various schemes resorted to using human agents to achieve his goals. Judas Iscariot comes to mind, as does Haman from the book of Esther.

So too with the alien abduction phenomena. While many abductions can be explained as purely demonic phenomena as outlined in article one of this mini-series, and the piles of evidence Joe Jordan and others have compiled.

But there's a huge question that the demonic theory doesn't address. If alien abduction is a purely a spiritual phenomena, why would there be physical evidence?

Some of this physical evidence includes: scoop marks on the skin, waking up in other people's clothes(!) bizarre implants made of unknown materials, residue on an abductee that glows in UV light, an alien hand print on a window and crashed UFOs. This is just a taste. Not every abductee has this stuff going on, but many do.

A famous example of physical evidence is Dr. Roger Leir and the number of "alien" implants that he has removed from people, and when analyzed they exhibit odd properties and emit various electronic transmissions. I'm sure LA Marzulli has some good info on him, so check out the "Alien Interviews". (No, i don't get any money from him, it's just a decent book.)

Where is this physical evidence come from if the greys (or whoever) are only demons?

I personally wouldn't rule out physical effects resulting from some spiritual encounters. The Apostle Paul encountered Jesus and fell off of his horse, and was blinded. Jacob "wrestled with God" and then his hip was injured. Angels have destroyed armies in the Old Testament.

Since abductions are spiritual typically, i believe this could explain some physical evidence.

But there's another angle to consider.

I had a brief correspondence with a Christian podcaster, and he had mentioned on one of his shows about the demon/alien thing being an illusion. I asked him "what about the physical evidence?" He replied via audio (which was super cool) that implants and such probably come from the usual rogue's gallery of the globalist/luciferian people (hereafter referred to as "THEY").

They explained that this could account for the connections with satanic ritual abuse that is supposedly prevalent in alien abductees. It also accounts for the massive harassment by humans in say, Stan Romanek's case.

I was shocked, and yet, it made an incredible amount of sense. It also reminded me of something that i've heard of before.

Joe Montaldo of ICAR (abduction research) frequently refers to "milabs" on his radio shows. He is a really thorough researcher and abductee (with a lot of bias supporting the ET theory) who has collected an enormous amount of abduction data. What is a milab? Milab is short for "military abductions". I don't have specific shows to link to, as I rarely listen to him, but on his ICAR page, he has a link to milabs. While he means military, and probably US Government, I'm content to chalk it up to unknown human agents. Probably serving Satan. Again, THEY.

Here are some of those links, pray up first though, as he could easily lead you astray. Stay rooted in Jesus Christ, and the knowledge that this is meant to deceive. I haven't looked too close at these, mainly because I'm not that into UFOs and abductions anymore, but i am familiar enough with his work to know he doesn't believe in Christ, and supports an ETI hypothesis. Still, his evidence and articles probably have some decent take aways, even if i disagree with his conclusions.

Again, do not be led astray.

General Articles

Betty and Barney Hill encounter a "space nazi"

A random case

Audio interviews

One example of a milab is the Betty and Barney Hill Case. Montaldo maintains that the Hills were in fact first taken by "aliens," then later on by the milab folks, which accounts for the contradictions in their stories. I wouldn't be surprised if he was right about an actual "alien" abduction followed by a human one.

There are people who would want to access "alien" information, and there's also human agents just open to doing bad stuff (See the Boeche and Redfern links on previous post) or maybe checking how their experiment went.

Other abductees who seem to have been taken by aliens/demons, and later by milab are:

Whitely Strieber (described i believe in his second book, but the humans had an alien with supposedly.)

Stan Romanek (if not a milab, THEY supposedly break into his house alot.)

Betty Andreasson (again, perhaps not milab, but she reported odd helicopters around her house)

That's just a few.

While one can point fingers and blame certain parties, it really doesn't matter who is doing it. Or even why. The physical evidence in at least some abductions comes from human hands for unknown reasons.

Another thing to consider is that some UFOs, are actually very likely man-made. Whether or not these man-made crafts participate in abductions, is up for debate. But it may explain UFO crashes and such.

These human craft may have been given by demonic inteligence, "UFO" technology. Some claim the Nazis got this, and hence made strides towards making these craft. This theory is everywhere, "Atlantis Magazine" recently featured nazi UFOs, and it also comes up alot in UFO literature and sci-fi with the forthcoming "Iron Sky" film.

Whether it's actually Nazis or not, i don't think it really matters. This is just where i think THEY got the technology from. Take a look at the following links. It may be wholly wrong, because it makes too much sense.


I also recently saw this kind of stuff in the Captain America Movie, and the X-Men Forever comics.

In the "SS Brotherhood of the Bell" by Joseph Farrell, outlines a good case as to why the Nazi's "lost" the war. They had advanced technology, and just went underground with it to continue their ideology, experiments, eugenics stuff and whatnot undisturbed.

Farrell also hints that the bell as being the culprit behind the kecksburg UFO crash, which looked like an acorn, that is BELL. Others have alluded to this as well.

Jim Wilhelmson (i think) said this would also explain the Stephensville lights from a few years ago. A pastor allegedly took video of the lights, and saw flying bell shaped craft. He gave the video to Linda Moulton Howe, and it has yet to be shown to anyone.

Thanks Linda, for your unbiased research and willingness to share knowledge.

"Fate Magazine" had an article about UFOs in the south pole discovered by Admiral Byrd's expedition. This article hinted at a Nazi connection.

Nikola Tesla also had invented alot of stuff, including a theory on making "flying cars" and zeropoint energy. My theory is he was behind the 1897 UFO flap. Perhaps his technology was developed too.

Feel free to dig deeper and come up with your own conclusions. There is alot of controversial evidence, and we are left with questions as to who is doing it, and exactly why. At the very least, there is plenty of evidence answering why there is physical evidence for a spiritual phenomena.

In the end, it doesn't matter who is doing it. We know, as told in the book of Revelation that Jesus Christ wins, and sends those serving Satan into Hell with their master. Jesus wins at the end of the book.


Russ Dizdar gives a look at UFOs as a plan to create a nephilim sort of antichrist.


  1. My curious intellectual side enjoys dissecting such theories. Nice blog post with good references. In the end, my faith kicks in and I disregard all "evidence" to the nature of these interactions, because I know there ultimate goal is to deceive and pull us away from the Lord. No matter how real something will seem, we know that the real nature is fallen angels coming as angels of light.

  2. Thanks Hopeful, glad you enjoyed it. I too agree that most of the UFO stuff is demonic, but I thought it was important to acknowledge the other evidence.

    I don't know who, or why. But Jesus wins in the end!