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UFOs and Abductions Part 1: Dark Spiritual Encounters

This mini series is scant on scripture, mainly because not alot of specifics came to my mind. This post, is mostly an Ephesians 6:12 thing.

In the body of Christ, there's already a number of good folks talking about UFOs. Much of what i have to say is in this series in well line with what they say. I also don't pay as much attention to UFOs as i used to, and won't make a habit of writing about them. This miniseries is basically taking the major threads of publicly available UFOlogy info and trying to make sense of it all from a Christian perspective. It's pure speculation on my part.

It's a mishmash of the Christian folks and sold out UFO = extraplanetary stuff folks.

There are others like Joe Jordan, LA Marzulli, Dante Fortson and Guy Malone among others who do this sort of thing more often and better than me. Even though they disagree on alot, they all have good evidence for their claims.

When looking at alien abductions, we have few options as to who is doing them. A brief look for the one or two of you who have never heard of alien abduction:

The general consensus in the field of abductions is that the abductors are one of the following:

1) aliens from another planet that's an absurd distance away

2) extra dimensional beings

3) demonic beings (as described in the Bible)

4) humans using the alien thing as a smoke screen for whatever they are doing. (This was explored in the "X-Files" and comes up occasionally in ICAR's investigations (more on ICAR later))

5) some combination of one of more of the above

6) some sort of physical being meant to look alien

#1- Aliens

It's quite easy to discredit this one based on logically looking at the claims of those who have been contacted by so-called "aliens". I have alot of questions here, that should at least shed some reasonable doubt here.

Why are aliens travelling absurd distances to mutilate cows (allegedly), take people in the night and basically rape them? Why would they need to make hybrids with flawed human beings? Why travel so far to give people spiritual advice?

One claim is they can't reproduce, and thus have to make human-alien hybrids. Where do new grays come from if they can't reproduce?

Betty Andreasson claimed that they did (through people) in "Watchers", yet other accounts I believe she claimed these were grays and not hybrids or that they were modified humans of some sort, that became grays. OK, but this contradicts the claims of other grays saying they're from space and the claims that they can't reproduce. If this works for one set of grays, why do some do it different?

So again, where do new greys come from? A single gray likely could not live for thousands of years, yet if greys have been here for millenia as some claim, how are they able to do so? Let's say alien fred came here 5000 years ago, the died of extreme old age 300-500 years later. How can his species still be around right now, 5000 years later if they can't reproduce?

Certainly grey aliens can't last for thousands of years, they'd have to make new ones to still have greys today, or else they would have died off long ago.

Cloning is an option, but if they can use cloning to perpetuate the species, why not keep doing it? And if you say that cloning works for now, but eventually will lead to extinction or genetic abnormalities, then how have they used it for so long with no problems? Why a sudden need for hybridization over thousands of years?

Also, why do aliens travel billions of miles to "correct" our religions and theology? Why do they tell us that any religion except Christianity is the right path "for you"? And when they tell us spiritual "truth" why does it often contradict itself, and other "space faiths"? These are a few examples from "UFO Religions" by Gregory Reece, a book about religions supposedly started by aliens. Again, why travel interstellar distances to give earth people re-dressed paganism?

The Urantia book claims different things than the book of Mormon. They both were given by "advanced beings" with an outer-space connection. If true, shouldn't they corroborate each other? Why do Mormons say God is an evolved human now living on Kolob, and that Jesus is "God's" first son and Satan's brother, while the Urantians claim that Jesus is really the angel Michael?

Why do Billy Meier's aliens say that Christ was a reincarnation of some ascended being? How would they even know who He is? How is this "true", when other aliens claim they made Him? (I don't know specific cases, but I recall reading that some greys have claimed that they had made Jesus.)

Why do the Aetherius people claim that Jesus was an incarnation of a master? Why does the Nation of Islam say the UFOs will destroy all white people, while others say the UFOs are here to help us? Other aliens supposedly told Hitler (documented in Mein Kampf, according to Joe Montaldo) to do the things he did. Why didn't the aliens just do it, and why would they want Hitler to do it? The "good cop, bad cop" only explains so much. Both sides have similar non-Christian beliefs.

The Raelians claim that their aliens created Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed to teach the world. ( if that's the case, why do the teachings of these people contradict each other? (See also Why does this group of aliens contradict the others?

Why do only Scientologists mention Xenu? Why do no other UFO religions mention Thetans, or the other stuff Scientologists believe? Why did a Thetan-cleared Scientologist start the Eckankar religion?

Benjamin Creme has yet another spin on it on Jesus and the goals of the aliens to bring a "world teacher" called Maitreya. Again, this contradicts Nation of Islam's goals.

In short, why do all of these religion's founding aliens have these absurd stories to tell people, and why do their theologies not only disagree with each other, but also disagree with the Bible and who Jesus is?

Why do they travel so far to sell reincarnation which some faiths here already endorse? Why do they all contradict the Bible?

Surely there are better things to do once you've travelled that far. To use a familiar abduction example, we don't fly to the north pole to tranq polar bears, anal probe and make hybrids with them, then tell them it's for their own good, and by the way, what you believe is wrong. Why would aliens do that? It's illogical.

Aliens from so far away would likely have very little knowledge of our faiths, unless they'd been here forever as some argue. But then if there are ancient aliens, and they made our religions, why do none of the religions agree? Muslims can't agree with Hindus, and Jews and Christians with either or each other. Why is it these faiths disagree, especially if these aliens gave them to us for our benefit? Wouldn't it be better "spiritual truth" if the stories supported each other?

In Star trek, the Ferengi have a saying: "keep your lies consistent." Apparently ET hasn't learned the rules of acquisition.

The Bible alone is internally consistent, despite having more that 40 different authors across hundreds, and even thousands of years. Most of these authors never knew each other, yet there are consistent themes and symbolism all throughout. If the Bible is made up, how can this be?

Even the star wars novel series written across less than 40 years by maybe fewer authors can't even manage to get the color of lightsabers right, or the bios of certain characters right, and they have a team of "experts" keeping watch to make sure things stay consistent.

So too with the new age and "space" revelations. They have have had 50 (perhaps thousands if you buy the ancient aliens THEORY.) of years to get their story straight, and have yet to do so. Any group of aliens spouting "truth" should at least be consitent with each other if it's really true.

It shouldn't surprise us though, that these "aliens" preach stories that contradict each other. It also shouldn't surprise us they also talk about a different Jesus. For these aliens from the stars are really "angels from heaven" or demons in disguise.

False Jesus-es (like Rael, Billy Meier) and false paths of spirituality were foretold nearly 2000 years ago in the Bible.

Matthew 24

V 5

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

V 24-26

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Behold, I have told you before.

Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, [he is] in the secret chambers; believe [it] not.

(See also Mark 13 and Luke 21)

Galatians 1:6 - 9

I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:

Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

As we said before, so say I now again, If any [man] preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

Funny how the Bible can readily explain the "false gospels" of ET so easily.

#2 - Extradimensional Aliens/ Advanced Beings

Some will say that the aliens from other planets are also on a "higher physical plane". OK, but they still fall into the same pitfalls as above. Also, why would a "higher" being need to hybridize with a lower? Like a man with an ape, say? It does the ape no favors, and the human none either. Like the nephilim, offspring of human and angel, they reportedly hated their angelic fathers, and also hated humanity (Book of Enoch). They killed people like crazy, which is one possible reason for the flood.

These "higher beings" also should have their story straight, but haven't got it right after millenia. They do after all, have the advantage of "being more evolved and on a higher plane". So if they're so advanced, why is it so easy to debunk their claims? Whether they're from another star/planet and/or from a "higher plane", they suffer the same mistakes.

The Bible supports this extra-dimensional view, except the "exradimensional being" are called fallen angels (sons of God, Genesis 6), and demons. These beings in the Bible are always seeking to draw people away from God, Jesus Christ and the Bible, which is often what "aliens" are found to be doing. They also try to focus worship onto themselves and will never lead you or anyone else to the truth.

#3-Demonic Beings

This looks really likely, in light of the above and the many testimonies here:

Also, go to LA Marzulli's site and get his e-version of alien interviews. That will be pretty much confirmation of this.

Whitley Strieber has also said in his book "Communion" that it was like he had been visited by the demons of old. I recall seeing Carl Sagan say much the same thing citing that the demon encounters of old were near identical to alien encounters. Of course he poo-pooed them both.

I also demonstrated this theory in my multipart look at Betty Andreasson's case.

Interestingly, Andreasson learns her greys call themselves "watchers" which is the title of the fallen angels in the Book of Enoch. Are they the same? I can't say.

Here's an interesting case that supports the view of demons.

An interesting case which could also support this view is the Billy Meier (EVERYONE knows about him) case. Though this was pretty much torn to pieces by Open Minds Radio in their recent magazine and shows. They have good evidence to support that Meier is a fraud, and his story often contradicts itself. Joe Montaldo of ICAR has in the past speculated that Meier had some real experiences, then they stopped and then he did alot of the fraud stuff to keep it going.

I agree with Joe, that Meier had encounters, then produced fake pictures and stuff just to stay in the spotlight. His contact with alleged aliens fits quite well with the demonic theory.

Semjase an "alien" who contacted Meier, has a name which is quite close to Semjaza in the Book of Enoch. Meier and his crew refute this by saying the pronunciation is different...that's just semantics as far as I'm concerned. "Eye-gor" vs Ee-gor is still the same humpback helping Young Frankenstein.

At any rate, Meier supposedly gets "prophetic" words and predictions from his supposed contacts, which if true, are not messages from the Pleieades, but messages from Satan. They teach lies about Jesus, and claim Meier is an equal with Christ. See Galatians 1 above.

These aliens claim that they are not only aliens, but on something like the equivalent of another dimension which is why most of us can't see them. I wonder who else is like that? Right. Demons. This is the sort of alien you see working in "Ashtar Command" or various galactic federations. You also see this with Blossom Goodchild, who channels not only dead spirits, but New Age messages from "space brothers."

Lynn Dickie (set the captives free) used to do "Lightworker" stuff, like reiki and i believe channellings. They claimed to be aliens and had her take many pictures of UFOs. When she came to Christ, they revealed their true nature.

The most damning evidence that "alien" abductions, and the UFO phenomena is demonic/satanic is that Aleister Crowley, who admittedly practiced "magick", encountered an entity, Lam, which looks quite similar to the alien greys. The author of the following article mentions that many Crowleynian magicians seek out the Betty Andreasson "Watchers II" book. This article explores the connection in depth. Armor up first though.

We know in the Bible that those who practice witchcraft (like Crowley), are really in touch with demons. 1 Corinthians 10 explains that those who worship idols (which is pretty much a magical ritual) really are praying to devils.

2 Corinthians 11 tells us that Satan presents himself as an angel of light, which would explain the "nordic" aliens, as well as the aliens of all stripes that present themselves as here for our good. 1 Timothy 4 tells us that people will believe "doctrines of demons" which is exactly what people are doing when they start following the teachings of these "aliens".

#4 -Humans

Will be covered more in depth in the next article which covers what ICAR calls "milabs". I really don't know much about this aside from whats out there in podcasts. Actually really anything outside of Joe Montaldo, and one of Strieber's books.

There was also an interview with Open Minds that Alejandro Rojas did with Gabe Valdez (and later Norio Hayakawa sp?) That may be related. This article gets into that a bit, you can probably dig the interviews up at open minds' archives.

#5-Some Sort of Hodgepodge

The fact that so many stories are so different, yet also similar suggests that one, or more of the above are occuring.

We can see there is demonic power at work, and there is good evidence of human involvement also, though i would not venture to what extent there is. Human involvement would explain why there is physical evidence, such as crashes, implants and so on in an otherwise spiritual phenomena.

I also once read an article by someone who claimed that as a child, they were ritually abused and also dressed as an alien while adult earth-humans did the abduction scenario. I really wish i had a link on this. This would explain the satanic ritual abuse connection cited in so many abductions.

This idea was sort of explored in the "X-Files" episode, "Jose Chung's From Outerspace." Must see.

But human involvement doesn't explain how abductions can be stopped in Christ's name. This situation was also one article, without any real attribution, so i can't vett it in any event. Take that merely as a possibility, i don't think this could explain every abduction.

If you want to dig deeper into possible human involvement with UFOs, Nick Redfern and Ray Boeche have been partial to interviews on Future Quake.

We also know that Satan sometimes works in concert with humans, using them, as in the cases of Haman, and Judas. So, seeing a collaboration in the UFO phenomena should be expected.

#6-some sort of physical being, meant to look like aliens

This one gets out there. I don't have much in the form of links, just what i've randomly stumbled across researching UFOs.

There's the aforementioned "dress up" scenario, where humans play the part of aliens.

There's an option that grays are some sort of robot, or golem/homonculous. That is, some sort of physical automaton under demonic control. This is pure speculation on my part, BUT Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons (i think) were both rumored to be trying to create a homonculous, that is a golem. This would explain the often robotic nature of the greys and why Betty Andreasson's aliens looked like clay to her, but again, it doesn't explain many other cases, and doesn't fit well over all.

Lastly, perhaps greys and other aliens are some sort of genetic chimera, to give demons a temporary body. I believe Darrell Simms, or someone on Montaldo's shows claimed they caught a grey by surprise and killed it with a samurai sword. Unbelieveable i know, but what up to this point about UFOs has been believable? Anyways, this guys dog ate part of it, and DIED several days later! He also had some of it sent for analysis and had some interesting results that i can't recall. Must have been really interesting.

So, hopefully this sheds some light on one aspect of UFOlogy. It's interesting to note that these "aliens" often say they don't reveal themselves because we would worship them as gods, yet thats what some are doing anyways. Not to mention, they are leading people away from the Bible and into false religions and cults. If they didn't want to affect our religions, then why are they? It's classic paganism/eastern mysticism.

For more information, there are a number of UFO sources to read, many of them biased. A decent one is Jim Marrs' "Alien Agenda." If you read it, make sure you put on the armor of God and pray as you read it. With the knowledge that UFOs are a plot of Satan, you'll find plenty of decent evidence of the reality of UFOs, but also evidence that they are not aliens, or of God, but demons and fallen angels with an agenda.

The last part of the book is quite New Agey, but the reports from remote viewers shed alot of light on some of Satan's schemes. Again, the book is deceptive, so make sure you go into it with God, and cling to Jesus.

Updat 2-2012

Russ Dizdar, shatter the darkness discusses ancient aliens


Pt 2

Pt 3

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  1. fyi, Billy Meier's aliens do NOT say that Christ was a reincarnation of some ascended being.

    Isaiah 7:14
    "Therefore, my Lord Himself shall give you a sign: behold, [the young woman or virgin] [is pregnant or is about to become pregnant or shall conceive], and bear a son, and [she shall call or (female) you shall call] his name Immanuel."

    Matthew 1:23 "Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel" (which means, God with us).

    Excuse me, but where is the name Jesus Christ? I only see the name Immanuel or Emmanuel, not Jesus Christ. And what else was changed to enslave the gullible and desperate under false belief, rather than the freedom of truth, knowledge and logic?

    A person called Jesus Christ neither lived nor existed; not on Earth nor in any other location throughout the entire Universe.

    The term Jesus Christ is simply the invention of some elements who lost their way in religion, and falsified history. The instigators who first created this nomenclature were Jmmanuel's brother, Jacob, and a person called Saul Paul.

    According to Astral Theologists, the origins to the name Jesus Christ can be traced as far back as ancient Greek mythology long before the name came into existence. In ancient Greek the name "Yezues Christos" means the "Anointed son of Zeus" as a direct reference to the Greek deity of Dionysus. Since it is known that individuals who used the name Jmmanuel or Emmanuel during the prophet's time risked persecution for doing so, substituting the name with the another along with added mythology became the common order for the following three to five centuries. Likewise the Essenes regarded him with yet another name of their own as Joshuah or Yeshuah. In ancient India his name became known as Yuz Assaf from which the Arabs later called him Issa.

  2. Bruce,

    Thanks for the comment. Is the info you cite there from zeitgeist? Where is it all from, if you don't mind sharing?

    If Jesus Christ did not exist, why is it that those who preached against following Him claimed the disciples stole the body? If He didn't exist, wouldn't they have argued that He never existed?

    Not to mention, the Book of Luke was a LEGAL DOCUMENT presumably for the Apostle Paul's trial before Caesar. It also boasts more medical terms depicting Christ's death than the works of Hypocrites (the father of medicine).

    Lastly, there are more documents (including extra Biblical sources) documenting the existence of Jesus Christ than there are documents proving the existence of Emperor Tiberius. In light of that, are we to presume that Tiberius never existed?

    Just some things to think about. I highly encourage you to check out Chris White's work at Revelations Radio Network. A little searching will turn up some great evidence of Jesus. Also check out Lee Stroebel's "the case for Christ"


  3. Wow, touched a nerve there. I am afraid that Bruce did not come here for a sensible discussion about the existence of Jesus, but came here to do what we would fully expect and that is to undermine the existence of Jesus. I would say that this individual has significant intellectual capitol invested already in these UFOs are an alien invention already.

  4. Thanks hopeful!

    The truth is never easy to hear. I had my own struggles with the truth and thankfully God led me through it.


  5. No One, the info is not from zeigeist... it's from several sources.

    Like I said, no one existed with the name Jesus Christ. Which does not mean there was no such person whose story the name Jesus Christ was spun around. Do you actually think that was his name, as opposed to the name pointed out by Matthew and Isaiah? Do you think someone was walking around Palestine, in those days with the name Jesus Christ and not the prophesized name?

    You've got to be kidding my about some socalled 'Legal' document, as we well know in this day and age of all the corruption that goes on with such documents and has throughout history. Considering Luke got his info from Mark who got it from Matthew, it is highly likely the truth was basically falsified. If the truth was not falsified, why is there the blood of 20 million slaughtered humans in that name of your Jesus Christ?

  6. Here's a few facts for you to ponder logically, though you will be unable to accept anything that has already enslaved you under the presumption of belief rather than light of logic and truth.

    I will use his real name: Immanuel, Emmanuel, Jmmanuel, however you wish to spell it.

    Jmmanuel's true spiritual teachings were greatly falsified shortly after he performed his activities in Palestine. The emerging Christianity initiated and established from his person a fictitious cult entity known as the "only-begotten son of God the Father".

    The fact is that Jmmanuel himself 2000 years ago stated:

    "Truly, they shall make a cult from my real human existence that will result in great harm. They still see in me only the human being I really am, but soon they will turn me into something slanderous and as being equal to Creation.

    Truly, I foresee these events of the future but cannot change them even though I resist them."

    Jmmanuel knew very well, even at the time, that his true spiritual teachings would be inscribed and greatly falsified some 150 years after his alleged death on the cross. He was also aware of the fact that Juda Ihariot would steal scrolls from Judas Ischkerioth, and from these would originate a so-called "New Testament". Jmmanuel was equally conscious of the fact that from the stolen scrolls there would originate the Jesus-Christ false teachings which, truthfully, no longer had anything to do with the spiritual and Creational teachings. They would be Christian erroneous teachings containing a "New Testament" that was brimming with false teachings, half-truths and religious paradoxes. Even Jmmanuel's true name would no longer be mentioned in this text and, indeed, it would be eliminated from history altogether. Jmmanuel would no longer have anything to do with the teachings of the "New Testament", and the text itself would be attributed to an imaginary, concocted person called Jesus Christ, who had never truly existed.

  7. Bruce,

    I am curious as to what sources you are referencing. Please provide your sources for all points, especially as it relates to the alleged 20 million killed in the name of Jesus.

    You'll see a few posts ago, I proved that more have died in the name of communism than nearly any other "cause."

    I am also interested in your sources for disproving the existence of Jesus. As I said, most ancient opponents of Christianity never claimed Christ didn't exist. It's commonly accepted that He did.

    In the vernacular of a late 90's hit movie, "show me the money."

    Though I disagree with you, I welcome your comment. I only ask that you now support your position.

  8. Bruce,

    Since it's only fair to do what I've asked you to do, here is my evidence that Jesus existed.

    It uses only NON-BIBLICAL evidence to prove that Jesus Christ actually did exist.

    My challenge to you, should you choose to except it, is to merely watch it and share your thoughts here. Until you A) watch it B) submit your evidence, I will have no choice but to conclude that there is nothing behind the claims that you make.

    If that link doesn't work, just google

    "chris white evidence jesus existed" and it should turn up. If that doesn't work, let me know.

  9. Let' try this link instead


  11. First of all, I said that No One (coincidence that your moniker is 'No One' and not your real name?) ever existed who went by the name Jesus Christ. That a real man existed who did his work in Palestine at that time.

    Answer my above questions which I have pasted below, and I will watch your video and comment as objectively as I can, based on logic, not faith, aka belief, aka assumption.

    1. Do you actually think that 'Jesus Christ' was his name, as opposed to the name pointed out by Matthew and Isaiah?

    2. Do you think someone was walking around Palestine, in those days with the name Jesus Christ and not the prophesized name?

  12. Here are the answers, to the best of my understanding.

    1) Christ, is the greek word for anointed. So, calling Him Jesus Christ, is the equivalent of Jesus Messiah. Jesus, appears to be sort of a Greek variation of the Hebrew name Yeshua (sp?) . Meaning "Jehovah Saves" (Strong's G2424). Matthew Chapter 1 (KJV) flatout procalims Him Jesus Christ (based upon the original Greek)

    So, no His surname was not "Christ" it is a title. He likely went by Yeshua (or some iteration of that)

    2) I believe that Jesus (Yeshua), the Messiah (Christ, anointed one) was operative in the Jerusalem, Galilee, and other associated areas around 2000 years ago. I believe, and proclaim, that He is the Son of God, in human flesh. He taught, worked mighty miracles, was crucified, died, was buried and rose again upon the third day.

    I hope that these answers are adequate.

  13. Appendix:

    If Isaiah had named Jesus by name, prior to Jesus' birth, it would have been easy for Satan to pull a deception and do it first. That is why Jesus was not named as Jesus until the right time.

    Also, Jesus fulfilled more than 300 Old testament propheciesregarding the messiah.

    Talk to you soon, peace and blessing Bruce.

  14. The point about not naming him specifically in Isaiah prophecy, aside from the fact that a name does not make the person, is correct. Satan co-opts many things in the bible. It's why Jesus must come after the AC is revealed and why the AC is not named, both things Satan could forge.

  15. Satan, Schmatan .. you guys got to be kidding me, in this day & age, that you are falling for that utter nonsense. Man is solely responsible for his lot in life. Imaginary beings, such as god or satan can neither help nor hurt you.

    I am currently watching your video. I'll be back. But I gotta tell ya, that so far it is a shoddy piece of work. This person says "answer", as if one is supposed to accept his baseless and absurd conclusions.

    "And it is the truth that, instead of being thankful for every day of peace, you continue to spread death, ruin and destruction in the name of an unsubstantial (imaginary) god who preaches love whilst paradoxically promoting punishment, death and annihilation.

    It is to be considered that you are placing a heavy burden on yourselves through all your desire for non-right, through your belief in divinities and praying to them in irresponsibility, because you are denying the real truth through binding yourselves to an imaginary god, elevating it to be the creator of worlds and the universe, paying homage to it and killing people of your kind (fellow human beings) through battle (war) and punishment in its name.

    Believers in a god or tin gods say that their god or tin god may bestow good on them in this world and good in the future world, and they beg in blind submissiveness that their god or tin god may save them from the anguish of the fire of the shadow world (hell) and its princes; however neither a god nor a tin god is truly given, because they are only imaginary forms which are fabulated (invented) by yourselves without responsibility and which have no might even to make a single hair on your head turn grey; and therefore the shadow world (hell) and its fire and the prince of the shadow world (prince of hell) are only inventions by irresponsible and dishonourable ones amongst you who have fallen victim to a delusion of belief, as well as their own might which they wish to wield over you in order to obtain great gain of all kinds from it; and therefore the shadow world (hell) is no place, because truly it is a state in your head (consciousness) and a mentality (thoughts, feelings and psyche)."

  16. The title Jesus Christ contains the value of all that is evil, excessive and murderous. Christ is the English version of the Old Greek word Christos and is a direct reference to ancient, mysterious cult activities. That is to say that the title Christos was applied to the actual cult rite during cult and unreal rituals, when anointment and unction sacraments were performed on sacrificial offerings and idols. If we speak here of anointments and unctions, it does not refer to ointments and oils, but the blood of infants, girls and virgins, who had been brutally slaughtered and their blood gathered in urns. The votive offerings to the idols and gods of the cult were then smeared or "anointed" with this blood Moreover, in most cases these sacrifices and votive offerings consisted of human tributes who were offered to some bloodthirsty, sacrifice-demanding gods. Only later were these human sacrifices and human killings slowly superseded, an the human blood substituted by fragrant ointments and oils. In place of human sacrifices, people used increasingly more animals fruit or vegetables and the like. But it is for all these reasons that even today the title Christos or Christos stands for absolute negativity, contempt for Creation and evil with the numerological value of 666.

    This correlation to idolatrous and sacrificial cults was one of the reasons why Jmmanuel rebelled at the time against the name Jesus Christ. He was perfectly aware that his spiritual teachings would be greatly falsified and coupled with an insanely contrived person called Jesus Christ. The same holds true also of the title Jesus. Hence, if Christians speak of a "Jesus consciousness", "Jesus principle" or similar things in reference to the Christian religion's false teachings that came into being as a consequence, then they are behaving very negatively and evoking all negative forces into an excessive reaction.

    In contrast to Jmmanuel's true spiritual teachings, the confused teachings that refer to a Heavenly Father by an imaginary Jesus Christ, contain negative ramifications of lust for blood, of death and destruction, as is also the case with the Bible. By pronouncing the words Christ or Jesus, and based on the true meaning of these words, their evil significance is released through cabbalism - a negative ramification full of negative excesses and manifestations. The same also holds true in this context for the terminology "Jesus consciousness", "Christ consciousness", "Christ principle", "God principle", "God consciousness" and the like. Furthermore, Christianity's "New Testament" elevates a human being into an emissary of Creation and allows the person of Jesus Christ to become a cult worship figure. Jesus Christ's confused teachings point to the veneration of an almighty Creator-God who sits in heaven as creator of the entire Universe and organizer of the fate of the world and all human beings living on it. These are confused, nonsensical Christian false teachings whose absurdity, horrendous contradictions and insanity can hardly be expressed in words. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for human beings on Earth to revert back to the true Creational teachings, and to squelch once and for all every word formation that may be associated with the fictitious cult figure Jesus Christ, no matter how slight.

  17. The guy reading that video is terrible. This video proves not a thing. He cherry picks altered and questionable information so it confirms his viewpoint.

    I have already confirmed that I believe such a man existed, yet he did not go by that horrid name that is known throughout the world and for the last 2000 years. Much of his teachings and story have been changed and hence falsified, to enslave human beings under assumption and belief, not to free them through logical thinking, understanding and wisdom.

    That is where I stand, that is where I shall remain. I will certainly not come over to your erroneous and illogical points of view regarding your blood thirsty cult with 20 million killed in the name of an imaginary "only-begotten son of God the Father". It is the human being who is solely responsible for the good and for the evil in this world. It is the human being who killed his brother in the name of some imaginary god and his imaginary only-begotten son.

    You must be very confused to believe such nonsense. I appreciate your time and I wish you peace, harmony, wisdom, understanding, true love and freedom.

  18. Bruce,

    What is it about the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that has you so upset? One wonders.

    I am not angry, I pray that God stretches His hands to you, and draws you to His son Jesus. But I must make a firm stand.

    You have made personal attacks, and bold accusations without a single shred of evidence.

    Unless you start to provide some evidence for your erroneous claims, and cease from slandering (libelling?) the name of Christ, I will be forced to moderate.

    You say 20 million killed in the name of Christ. Where? When? By who? I have an article here PROVING that atheistic communism alone has killed nearly 100 million, yet that doesn't cause you any problem, because alleged Christians supposedly killed 20 million. Again, where's the beef?

    You make ridiculous claims that Christ was this or that, yet you have not one link, you quote not a single article to support your claims.

    You insult a fine video supporting the existence of Jesus, saying that he cherry picks, and makes assumptions. At least he has provided evidence.

    I may be a poor scholar in many ways, but at least I back my claims up.

    So Bruce, I love you in the Lord, but until you prove anything, I can spend no more time in discussion on the matter.

    Peace, and May Jesus Christ set you free.

  19. hey guys specially "No one" i applaud what you have written here but have you come across the timeline from which Christ was crucified and died? during the time of his death who was the emperor of Rome but please pick up the book which doesn't have biblical connotation in it.... and are you familiar with the Nicean Council in which they "elected" him to be divine...or just simply add this up:

    Zoroastrian divinity:
    Mithra - the sun God
    of Virgin birth
    born on dec 25th
    Egyptian Mythology:
    Horus - The sun god
    of virgin Birth
    dec 25 th
    has 12 followers
    by the way our Bible is the only bible that has a second book the "new Testament" all other holy books eg. torah qur'an have the same first book the Old testament and by the way according to the Nicean council Constatine had a hand on the decision about his divinity but was never baptised a christian until his deathbed..and during that time minority christians was on the rise and the gods and godesses of ancient rome was already dwindling.this is why Rome existed as a power country WHY? because back then in early medieval times Popes have the same powers as the king!
    and lastly, how does it make a one armed man who has contacts with extraterrestrial beings promoting peace, knowledge, love to humankind and all creation makes him a vessel of evil? just because he is not one that thinks and accept what most of humans do in terms of thier adherence to a religion? isn't it that, that is exactly the same as what Jesus/Jmannuel been preaching about?

    the judeo christian bible was published 300+ years after the deat of christ though Matthew was written 70+years after, but not the apostle of christ....

  20. Ritz, thanks for the comments, even though we disagree, I appreciate your respect.

    Is this a zeitgeist thing you mention? You should check out Chris White's zeitgeist challenge (revelations radio network) you can make $100 by proving this Horus/zeitgesit thing.

    Constantine only was baptised on his deathbed, because as I understand it, he wanted to enjoy life and continue his sinful life, yet still be saved. Basically, Jesus was his fire insurance. Wasn't he the one who said "Lord, give me chastity, but not yet?" Forget man's rules and constantine, and see Jesus in the Bible. As LA Marzulli says, the Bible is the guidebook to the supernatural, so go to it, and not the Catholic Church, or man or whatever.

    Billy Meier, aside from being a fraud (open minds proved this well) was probably in contact with demons. Just because they say "peace, etc" doesn't mean their intentions are good or pure. They don't care what a person does so long as they don't go to Jesus Christ.

    Recall in WWII Hitler signed non-agression treaties, proclaiming peace, only to later renege on that when it suited his needs. The promise of peace is no guarantee of honest intentions. Why would alleged "aliens" be any different?

  21. we may differ in opinion and wisdom here "No One" but the point is yours is not evil and ours is not just because it is not accepted into the mainstream doesn't give it any similarity to may not be proven during our lifetime but in the end one of us will have to admit that we are wrong...keep it up my spirit brother and may peace and love reign in you and your family ..... have a blessed new year and thanks for the time!


  22. Thanks ritz, come back anytime.