Monday, December 19, 2011

UFOs and Abductions Part 3: Alien-Human Hybrids (aka Nephilim Hybrids)

This blog is pretty much 100% pure speculation. Again, the culmination of the conflicting accounts i've encountered in studying UFOs over the years.

To start with, not only am i late to the party (as usual) i also kind of hate looking into the alien hybrid/modern nephilim phenomena. I would rather not have addressed it, but i kind of felt led to, since i covered the dark spiritual side, and the human involvement. I hate it because there's no real, tangible evidence of hybrids, and there's so much weird stuff that goes on with it. Or if there is, it's open to interpretation.

It also accomplishes two of satan's goals just by existing. It distracts, and it destroys. Some people (no one in particular in mind...really!) spend way too much time worrying about hybrids everywhere. I used to. It also destroys by setting believers of differing opinions against each other. It caused quite a quarrel among many believers i highly respect a year or so ago.

As if the Christian church didn't have enough things to fight over. We've added one more to the list, except when we fight over this one, we really throw people off. Few of us "kooks" dispute that Genesis 6 and afterwards there were nephilim-human/angel hybrids. The debate is whether or not it's happening now or not as part of the UFO phenomena. Many abductees report breeding programs taking place as part of their experiences.

Some Christian researchers use a number of texts to support their viewpoint. The Book of I Enoch (quoted in the book of Jude and Peter in the Bible.) Genesis 6 and Daniel 2 (though i'm not fully convinced that the iron mixing with clay in Daniel 2 means there's nephilim. It's often asked who is the "they" where it says "they shall mingle themselves...") still, most of the rest do refer to nephilim of Genesis 6, initially the offspring of fallen angels and human women.

No problem, except the aforementioned Daniel, which i could be wrong on. I have other theories on Daniel 2, for some other time perhaps. My basic thought is the iron mixed with clay is "hard" governments like communism/dictatorships as iron. Clay, is the democratic governments of the world. People are made of "clay" in Genesis, so maybe governments "of the people mean" mean clay. Communism and democracy don't mingle all that well. At least they never used to.

But i digest.

So, the flood of Noah wiped the nephilim out. Done deal.

The problem comes with the nephilim after the flood (Og,Conquest off Canaan, David vs Goliath). Did more fallen angels mate with human women after the flood? Are they doing it now? That's where the split is. Where did the post flood nephilim come from? Some think that more angels came and mated with women again.

My thoughts are, if the angels that did this the first time were put into the abyss, outlined in Enoch, Jude and Peter, why would more angels jump to do it again? Sure, they were going to be put there eventually anyways, but why hasten the trip?

If i knew i was going to jail in 20 years for something, but had 20 years of freedom to enjoy i'd enjoy my 20 years. But if say, commiting crime X would get me there immediately, i would avoid crime X. But, fallen angels are insane, after all, they did, as finite creatures, rebel against an infinite God (having been with Him even!) so who knows what their thought processes are like.

Perhaps a few angels took the fall, did the deed and got thrown in the abyss, while the other fallen are still loose. These nephilim propagated again after the flood, but kept their numbers down to keep God from acting against them. That's 100% speculation.

At any rate, for more on post flood nephiilim, i covered that here and another link in that blog.

Check out Dante Fortson's King Wells interviews for more on that. I don't have a link, but it should be in iTunes, or Bro. Dante can find the link for you. You'll have to do the legwork on that one. Dante also has a book "In the Days of Noah" that might be worth a look, that may get into more of this.

At any rate, the split among us kooks is, are angels or demons disguising themselves as aliens and making more nephilim through UFO abductions? Both sides have good evidence. Having looked at both sides, i can't say that i can really decide myself. Personally, i do lean more towards the hybrids being an illusion.

Let's start with Joe Jordan's illusion view.

I have heard Joe speak on several interviews and he maintains that ALL alien abductions are illusions. His main proof of this is that he was doing an over the phone deliverence with a guy. This guy said they were taking him, and when he had been "taken" his wife picked up the phone and said he had just passed out. This happened several times, the guy was convinced that he went somewhere, but he actually didn't.

I'm sure the above link corroborates that story in other testimonies.

Using stories like that, Jordan posits that the hybrid encounters are actually illusions as well. Illusions designed to form a bond with the demons, making it harder to get free from them. The demons are presenting illusory children to take advantage of maternal and paternal instincts in abductees, which would make the abductee desire more contacts.

I can completely believe this.

However, the flipside of this issue is the physical evidence, or physical encounters with alleged hybrids. After all, how do you explain the physical evidence of an abduction, the scoop marks, and implants and what not? If it's a spiritual mental thing, there should be no physical traces. That's where satan's human agents, whoever THEY may be, come into play as discussed in my last blog.

Anyways, onto some of those who support the physical hybrid arguments.

LA Marzulli posted on his blog that someone encountered a possible hybrid in a shopping mall. I probably made some comment in there somewhere, see if you can find it!


There's also a book called "Raechel's Eyes" about an alleged hybrid "THEY" were trying to integrate into society, except this one failed. I haven't read it, but heard the story somewhere. It was weird, but another one of those ones that's hard to prove.

Betty Andreasson in "Watchers" saw a woman's baby taken from the womb, then placed into a container to finish gestating. This was apparently a baby grey or a hybrid. It wasn't clear. That book is weird anyways, and i would gather there was alot of demonic illusion going on, so maybe this should really be in the first section. The interesting thing though is it triggered an emotional response in Betty.

Then there's Dr. David Jacobs' "The Threat." This book goes through a number of cases where abductees produced hybrids and somehow Jacobs came to a realization that these hybrids were being integrated into our society for some unknown end. Of course, at least some of this data was collected by use of hypnosis, so i would wonder if all or any of it is trustworthy. That seems to be the general problem with UFO alien-human hybrids, there is little in the form of actual physical proof. Still, Jacobs makes a compelling case.

Tom Horn has some interesting thoughts to add to this debate. He maintains that the nephilim in Genesis 6 weren't JUST the children of angels, but also DNA hybrids of animals too. Chimeras. Verse 12 does say that ALL flesh had been corrupted. So perhaps some of every species and most of humanity was hybridized and genetically modified to some extent.

Another weird one, but it would explain the legends of centaurs, satyrs and the like. What makes this relevant now is the transhumanism movement.

This isn't science fiction either. Earlier this year, scientists had admitted to growing 150 human-animal hybrids in a lab.

Why would they be doing this?

Sure these were JUST embryos, but the article says there are hybrids being grown in countries WITHOUT regulation. This story is just what we've been told about, how do we know there aren't human animal hybrids that were grown to full term?

Now this was just a lab, not a UFO or abduction scenario, but how do we know there aren't any of those?

So IF there are nephilim around now, why don't we see them?

One argument is that the UFO breeding programs are designed to make the nephilim fit in more.

One theory of mine is that bigfoot, if physical, is a nephilim. I first heard this in a podcast, of course, and it was an interview with a guy who's studied sasquatch for 50 years, since the age of 12. His name escapes me. But at any rate, he maintained that there are a number of UFO flaps that also involve an uptick in bigfoot sightings too.

Here are some articles i found on a message board.

This one is the best. The bigfoot were fired upon, seemingly with no effect, AND there was the smell of sulfur, which has allegedly been reported with a few alien encounters and of course, demonic manifestation.

Of course, the bigfoot theory may not hold water. There are reports of bigfoot being shot point blank with no effect. If bigfoot were a nephilim, then logically it should have died from a gunshot like the rest of the nephilim in the Bible. This sort of case suggests bigfoot may be yet another illusory demonic manifestation.

Wow, that was a rabbit trail. So aside from the actual creation of human animal hybrids in a lab, there's really little to no physical evidence for alien-human nephilim being made.

However, that doesn't mean it isn't happening. An underground eugenics program run by people and demonic beings under cover of a UFO invasion would fit nicely with satan's earlier, public eugenics plans at the beginning of the 20th century. It certainly has a better PR spin.

That aside, debating hybrids, and looking into it will take you down MANY rabbit trails, many of them into David Icke or New Age/UFO places which is really not a good use of time.

And, even if there is a nephilim/underground eugenics, we are not told about it explicitly in the Bible. Yes, Jesus says Matthew 24 that the end of days would be "like the days of Noah". Does that mean modern nephilim? Some think so, especially in light of the iron mixing with clay in Daniel 2.

But notice one thing. Even if Jesus and Daniel are warning about nephilim in the last days, they don't say believers should do anything about it! We're not supposed to try to stop these programs. We probably can't. We shouldn't live in fear of hybrids among us like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". God alone will deal with them.

Although Paul tells us:

Epeshians 5:11 - 13

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them].

For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light."

And Jesus tells us:

Matthew 10:28 - 30

"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered."

So what should Christians do and think about the hybrid phenomena?

We should probably have a basic knowledge about the phenomena, so we can answer those in the conspiracy realm, and use it as a witnessing tool for Christ. Perhaps use someone's interest in alien-human hybrids to tell them it happened before, in Genesis 6, and here's what God will do about it in the end, then show them Revelation, and share the Gospel.

Aside from that, there's really nothing else we can do about it. God alone will deal with it when His Son Jesus Christ returns, ala Revelation 19.




  1. I think your idea of Genesis 6 "chimeras" is right. Like you said, it would explain the legends of centaurs and satyrs. Remember that centaurs were man/horse, but they were HUGE, bigger than normal men's torsos or horses bodies.

    Satyrs were sometimes said to be big, but other times were described as smaller than normal ("funny little men"). Both centaurs and satyrs were considered monsters, ungodly, and disgusting, even by the Greeks and Romans who were NOT Christians and believed in several rather disgusting monstrous gods themselves.

    Centaurs and satyrs both were always described as wild, loving drink, and raping women (and men!). The Greeks considered them demons, and I think that's what they were. Maybe centaurs and satyrs existed, and were a mix between demons/fallen angels, man, and animal. That makes perfect sense.

    Mermaids, despite modern romanticization, were also considered scary monsters since ancient times. Ancient descriptions of mermaids always include these basic characteristics: green or blue skin, large size, yellow or green eyes (sometimes glowing) with no whites, fierce ugly faces, and big sharp shark-ish teeth. Sounds demonic to me.

    God bless,

    1. Thanks for all your comments. Just remember acts 17:11, because everything I write is from my own experience and knowledge (and prayer for God's wisdom) . My goal is to bring discernment back to the Church.